Big Brother commercial goes into heavy rotation at CBS

Big Brother commercial goes into heavy rotation at CBS (Angela Rummans and Julie Chen Photo Johnny Vy/CBS)
Big Brother commercial goes into heavy rotation at CBS (Angela Rummans and Julie Chen Photo Johnny Vy/CBS) /

Big Brother commercials are starting to really be prevalent on CBS. The heavy rotation is due to how close the season premiere is in June.

Big Brother fans who happened to turn on CBS Wednesday night (May 29) saw that the newest commercial for the show is being heavily pushed by the network. While it’s only a 20-second spot, the intent is to create some additional buzz. It has worked really well, as online chatter keeps increasing by the day.

The new Big Brother commercial

At first, the commercial for the 2019 summer season just included a narrator speaking about the show returning for another season. Then, CBS added some past footage, helping to increase the excitement for fans to meet the BB21 cast. That newer commercial is shared below.

So far, the advertising for the BB21 cast has focused primarily on footage from Big Brother 20. This is on purpose, as it is the season that is still fresh in the minds of many viewers. It’s supposed to remind fans of how much excitement they had watching the show last summer.

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There was certainly a lot of drama during the season and quite a few showmances that developed into something more. Three of the couples are still together following the season and none of them includes the winner. As a quick reminder, that was Kaycee Clark, who beat out Tyler Crispen 5-4 in the final jury vote.

When does Big Brother 21 get started?

The season premiere for the new season is on Tuesday, June 25. It’s a slight move from past seasons, so don’t forget to tune in to CBS at 8/7c on the final Tuesday of the month. It’s also the first of a two-night premiere, which is sure to be an entertaining opening to the year.

The two episodes are only one hour each, though, so they might just be a long introduction to the cast. With the premiere date coming up so quickly, it also guarantees that CBS is going to roll out additional advertising for the show. That will include more commercials and online posts to the Twitter account (like below).

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CBS should start rolling out additional Big Brother 21 commercials as the season gets closer. One of them is definitely going to include quick images of the BB21 cast and quotes about how they plan to compete this summer. All of it will be geared toward bringing more viewers to the show, as it tries to become one of the most popular summer shows on television again.