Not as many students admit to pirating their favorite TV shows as you’d think!

Acquired via Game of Thrones PR.
Acquired via Game of Thrones PR. /

Students are often viewed as the ones who will pirate TV shows due to cost. However, not as many are willing to admit to it as you would think, even in anonymous surveys!

Game of Thrones has come to an end and has been known as one of the most pirated TV shows ever. Yet, it still gained almost 20 million viewers for its series finale across all networks on debut night – more when you count the DVRs and reruns the follow day/week. While it may be the most pirated show, students aren’t admitting to it.

And it’s not just Game of Thrones. In a survey by Grand Canyon University, which also looked at the favorite TV shows for students in every state (The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are unsurprisingly among the favorites), only 3% of students actually admitted to pirating TV shows.

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This is certainly due ot the rise of streaming services. Almost half of all students use Netflix to watch their favorite TV shows. Cable/satellite services and Hulu are the next favorites. Just a tiny amount pirate – well, at least, admit to pirating!

However, it’s worth pointing out that only 4% of students use Amazon Prime, 3% have HBO Now and HBO Go, 2% say they use online streaming sites and 1% use Roku (and likely other similar devices). The numbers don’t quite add up to me considering the popularity of the likes of Game of Thrones, which is only on HBO (or Amazon Prime/Hulu with their Channels options).

Of course, it’s possible that a university has partnered with HBO to offer the streaming service for free. Then again, it’s also possible that the students are piggybacking off their parents’ services, which is definitely a viable option.

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What do you take from the recent results? How do you watch your favorite TV shows? Share your thoughts in the comments below.