Big Brother 15: The most controversial season CBS has had

Big Brother 15 aired in summer 2013 on CBS. An entirely new cast played the game, though one of the new houseguests had ties to a former winner.

Big Brother 15 has seemingly become the season that CBS would like viewers to forget about. It isn’t referenced very often and the 16 houseguests caused a lot of drama for producers. There are some members of the BB15 cast who deserve to be invited back if an All-Stars season is done. It could also work if there was a season based on villains.

The controversy of Big Brother 15

During episodes, and, especially on the live feeds, bigoted remarks were made by several of the houseguests. A national conversation began taking place due to some of those comments, with people getting called racist, homophobic, and misogynistic. It wasn’t a good look for CBS and some fans feared that it could lead to the show getting canceled.

Episodes from the Big Brother 15 season are still viewable through the CBS All Access application. That’s where people can get a first-hand look at what took place. In regard to the controversy, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Spencer Clawson, and Aaryn Gries were at the center of the remarks.

Aaryn was fired from her job as a spokesmodel and dropped by her talent agency, GinaMarie was fired from her job as a pageant coordinator, and Spencer’s employer released a statement distancing them from him. There was even a petition from fans to have Aaryn removed from the show.

Big Brother 15 winner and a showmance

A showmance between real estate broker Amanda Zuckerman and pizza delivery boy McCrae Olson was a focal point for a number of episodes. They are no longer together, but Amanda recently had a child.

Elissa Slater, who is the sister of Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly, was used in a bit of stunt casting. They all helped to make for a season of the show that was basically must-watch television as the dramas all unfolded.

Andy Herren was named the Big Brother 15 winner by a 7-2 vote of GinaMarie Zimmerman. Since his time on the show, Andy has become a very active person on Twitter, frequently posting about new casts. If the network and producers ever decided to do an All-Stars season, inviting Andy Herren and Amanda Zuckerman back could be pretty interesting. But would they do it?