CultureFly Supernatural box will continue as long as there’s demand

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Photo credit: Alexandria Ingham /

With Game of Thrones ending, CultureFly has ended the mystery boxes. Will the same happen to the Supernatural mystery boxes next year? Not necessarily!

Game of Thrones has come to an end, leading to CultureFly wrapping up the mystery boxes for the series. This is the same brand that does the Supernatural mystery boxes, which is worrying many fans. Will the mystery boxes stop when the show comes to an end next year?

One fan asked on the official CultureFly website, leading to the brand answering. The good news is there are no plans right now to stop the mystery boxes after the 15th and final season. However, there needs to be demand for the boxes.

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This shouldn’t be too hard. The spring 2019 box sold out long before they were being shipped! The summer box is already popular and CultureFly has only just provided a spoiler of one of the items in the box (if you like the Castiel plush doll from the spring 2019 box or the Rowena plush from the very first box, you’ll love the item).

As many fans have pointed out, there are still plenty of ideas for future mystery boxes. CultureFly has only just scratched the surface with them. Character-focused boxes could certainly work well or they could be season-focused or just storyline-focused. There’s far more to do than there would be with Game of Thrones since there are more seasons with the Winchesters.

But you need to show that you want the boxes to continue. The best thing you can do is sign up for the boxes. Look out for while the yearly subscription is available. This disappearing is the first sign that the Supernatural mystery boxes are disappearing.

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Supernatural mystery boxes are available from the official CultureFly website.