Watch Good Omens: Now streaming on Prime Video

Good Omens on Prime Video photo: Amazon Studios
Good Omens on Prime Video photo: Amazon Studios /

The day has arrived! An angel and a demon will try their best to save our world in Prime Video’s Good Omens. Will you be watching? If so, here’s how!

One of Prime Video’s most anticipated series has become available, Good Omens, starring,  David Tennant and Michael Sheen. We received screeners in advanced and were quick to check out the series. Our verdict? You can’t miss it!

Good Omens is highly entertaining and unlike anything on TV at the moment. Michael Sheen is hilarious to watch, but I have to say my favorite is David Tennant, who definitely steals the show as Crowley.

You have all heard of Crowley, he is the demon responsible for tempting Eve with the apple. Reluctantly, Aziraphale (Sheen) teams up with Crowley to keep an eye out on the anti-christ so he doesn’t destroy the world.

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While it’s not difficult to understand why Aziraphale would want to save humanity, you may be wondering why Crowley cares so much. The answer is simple, they have both grown accustomed to life on Earth, they enjoy the luxuries and simplicity.

The first episode sets up the story and we only meet some of the main players. By episode 2, however, you’ll find that the story expands and more characters are introduced — this is where things get interesting.

The series will only be streaming there so be sure to check it out! Are you not a Prime Video subscriber? There is no better time to sign up than now! Register to watch Good Omens with a free trial today.

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If you do check it out, be sure to let us know what you thought! Good Omens consists of 6 episodes, all streaming now on Prime Video.