Ancient Aliens: Return to Antarctica provides compelling alien hypotheses

Ancient Aliens explores the historical connections and modern evidence that hypothesizes an Antarctic underworld brimming with alien activity.

Ross Island is a physics mystery where NASA scientists detected a physics-defying anomaly: cosmic rays erupting from the Earth’s South Pole. This is interesting because they normally radiate from space towards Earth. Thus begins this edition of Ancient Aliens.

Nearly 98% of the Antarctic ground is protected by a 3-mile thick ice barrier. Winds are over 50mph. Temperatures are freezingly uninhabitable. Scientists have more questions than answers about Antarctica even to this day.

Rumors of alien activity above Antarctica

Whistle-blower 1

In February 2019 a former Navy flight engineer who was stationed in Antarctica related his experiences. Stationed on a military base there, Brian – who had his identity hidden – was in Antarctica just over 20 years ago doing mostly cargo resupplies at McMurdo Station. He claims to have seen multiple UFOs there, on multiple occasions, moving at impossible speeds and direction changes.

Additionally, he claims there was an emergency call from the Davis camp in northeast Antarctica. Because of the life-threatening event, the pilots ignored the previously strict orders to avoid an air sampling station no fly zone. As a result, they witnessed a massive hole in the ice roughly 300-ft in circumference (which may have just been the remnants from AVP: Alien vs Predator filming). On the return flight they were explicitly ordered to deviate.

Last but not least, Brian relayed a story of a group of scientists getting lost for over a week without shelter. Impossibly, they lived and were in shock. They ran to the rescue airplane upon landing. Once they arrived at McMurdo, the scientists were flown immediately out of Antarctica. It could be because they almost froze to death, had frostbite and/or gangrene, but Brian thinks it was fishy.

Whistle-blower 2

Adding to the first informant is a former Navy SEAL who says he encountered an object wedged into the ice with walls and doors multiple feet thick moved via one finger, and an interior over 100 degree Fahrenheit hotter from the negative -50 F outside. It’s a minor addition to the episode because the SEAL understands OPSEC.

Satellite imagery

Just a few short years ago there was a satellite image of a hole in one of Antarctica’s mountains. Official explanation of cyclones is unconvincing. Additionally, there is apparently a crashed UFO – similar to Oumuamua – visible online that left long skid marks along the icy surface after blasting the side of a mountain.

Last but not least, researchers recently discovered massive caverns within Mt. Erebus. These hollow, Antarctic caverns were thermally heated from the innards of the volcano to a temperature of roughly 72 degrees Fahrenheit. You can guess who thinks aliens are behind the HVAC tech.

Ancient Aliens, Photo by Mason Poole/HISTORY

Military connections

Godwin’s law says that if you reference Hitler, you lose the debate. Ancient Aliens does not share these reservations, because their connection is explicit. Some believers within the Nazi party who, through psychic mediums, believed in the alien existence underneath Antarctica, led to Kraut submarine exploration beneath Antarctica, and ultimately establishment of secret bases alongside a preexisting alien race.

Semi-related, Richard E. Byrd is the youngest Admiral in U.S. history, and was the first to fly over both the North and the South Pole. Apparently he led a subsequent mission over the South Pole in which Indiana Jones, Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith, and Randy Quaid he may have battled not only remnants of the Third Reich, but also aliens.

Compounding the military connections is a contrail conundrum. There is a photo of one contrail going from pole to pole. Most dissipate in 30 minutes or less. That means the ship must have been traveling over 50,000mph, which is over ten times faster than any other aircraft today. Fastest of this writing is probably the X-15.

Ancient astronaut theorists suggest the same aliens who fought Byrd are the ones flying from pole to pole. Either that or Santa.

Turkish Cartography

Finally, in a Turkish museum there is a global map from 1513 AD. On the map is Antarctica, which wasn’t discovered until 200 years later. What’s more, the cartography has no ice on Antarctica. How is that possible? Well, there are only two real possibilities. First, someone 500 years ago had a satellite, which would mean aliens. Second, someone would have to have had access to Antarctica without ice, which brings up Pangea, which by most accounts occurred millions of years ago. Hint: no maps from millions of years ago exist (i.e. aliens).

The whistle-blowers, military angle, contrails, and ancient map combination is a pretty good foundation for suspicion. For good measure Ancient Aliens throws in a generic, Biblical Genesis, multi-societal-great-flood, Plato, and Atlantis concept, but it’s purely a Hail Mary. Overall, this one gets a solid, head nodding “Hmmmm…” from me.

Ancient Aliens airs Friday’s on History.