Top 5 Big Brother Seasons To Watch For Beginners

Top 5 Big Brother Seasons To Watch For Beginners (Julie Chen Photo: Johnny Vy/CBS)
Top 5 Big Brother Seasons To Watch For Beginners (Julie Chen Photo: Johnny Vy/CBS) /

Every year new viewers are tuning into Big Brother for the first time, we take a loot at the top 5 seasons those of you who are new should watch.

Each year plenty of Big Brother fans are viewing the show for the first time. Others are maybe only on their second or third season of the show. This list is for you, the newbie to the show who wants to go back and see some of the most memorable seasons in Big Brother history.

These are the five seasons you have to see. Big Brother super fans, when you are done reading this tell me how I did in the comments below or send a tweet to @the_exTIMinator. Without further ado, we start with number 5 on this list.

No. 5: Big Brother 16

Notable Players: Derrick Levasseur, Caleb Reynolds, Frankie Grande, Nicole Franzel, Donny Thompson, Zach Rance

This was the first in line of the modern seasons. Modern seasons last around 99 days and generally have a lot of twists. Big Brother 16 lasted for 97 days, a record at the time. It also introduced the Team America and Battle of the Block twists. While much of the season lacked drama, we saw one of the greatest individual games of all time play out.

Derrick Levasseur is considered one of the greatest Big Brother players of all time for his gameplay this season. He dominated Big Brother 16 from the start, forming a guys alliance that controlled the game. Thanks to his mastery of the game, Derrick was never nominated for eviction. He is currently the only houseguest to achieve this feat.

When he was up for eviction on Day 97 by default, his closest ally Cody Calafiore, chose to take Derrick to the final two over Victoria Rafaeli. Had Cody taken Victoria instead of Derrick, he likely would have won Big Brother 16.

No. 4: Big Brother 2

Notable players: Dr. Will Kirby, Mike “Boogie” Malin, Bunky Miller, Monica Bailey, Nicole Schaffarich, Hardy Ames-Hill

Most people are probably thinking, why is Big Brother 2 on this list but not Big Brother 1? The answer is simple. Big Brother 2 is the first season of Big Brother as we know it today. Big Brother 1 was an entirely different format. That format, commonly seen internationally, proved to be a huge flop in the United States. The only difference real difference is there was no Power of Veto (Power of Veto was introduced in Big Brother 3), so you had to rely even more on your social and strategic game.

The game may seem slow and tame by today’s standards, but this should be required viewing. This season featured the first expulsion when Justin Sebik was expelled for violent behavior and ignoring producer warnings. Most importantly, this was also where the legend of Dr. Will Kirby began. If it was not for Dr. Will, the show might not exist today.

No. 3: Big Brother 6

Notable Players: Janelle Pierzina, Kaysar Ridha, James Rhine, Howie Gordon, Ivette Corredero, Maggie Ausburn

By some accounts, Big Brother 6 is the greatest season of all time. However, it checks in at No. 3 here. The reason Big Brother 6 is No. 3 is because the winner is not as likeable as the winner of our No. 2 season.

This season was dubbed the Summer of Secrets. In a twist, every houseguest was paired up with someone they knew from the outside world. If any pair made it to the end, the winner would be awarded $1,000,000. The runner up would get $250,000.

After an easy week 1 vote, the house aligned against three houseguests in week 2. In week 3, a few houseguests flipped sides and the house was split down the middle. The tipping point came in Week 5 when one alliance was convinced to turn on one of their own members. The alliance that turned on their own, was never able to regain numbers.

Along the way, there was plenty of drama, fights, and most importantly good gameplay. Janelle Pierzina, James Rhine, and Maggie Ausburn were great players. Ivette Corredero, Kaysar Ridha and Howie Gordon were great characters.

No. 2 Big Brother 10

Notable Players: Dan Gheesling, Memphis Garrett, Jerry MacDonald, Keesha Smith, Renny Martyn, Jessie Godderz

Big Brother 10 is a classic example of a season where there were minimal twists to interfere with gameplay. The only real twist was the return of America’s Player, first introduced in Big Brother 8, which only lasted for one week. This is also the season where Dan Gheesling became a legend.

The house aligned against one player and his friends early on. In week 4, the house split down the middle. April Dowling (the Head of Household that week), Bryan Ollie, Michelle Costa, and Jerry MacDonald were on one side. Libra Thompson, Keesha Smith, and Renny Martyn were on the other side. With April being ineligible to vote that week as Head of Household, both sides needed Dan’s vote.

Unbeknownst to them, Dan had no power at all. He was America’s player that week and America controlled his vote. America ultimately chose to evict Jessie, who was being targeted by Libra’s side.

From there, the two sides went back and forth. Dan Gheesling and Memphis Garrett formed a powerful alliance known as “The Renegades” and provided some of the season’s most entertaining gameplay.

Dan Gheesling and Memphis Garrett were great players. Jerry MacDonald was a great character and provided us with arguably the funniest moment in Big Brother history.  Keesha Smith, Renny Martyn, and Jessie Godderz were also memorable characters.

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No. 1: Big Brother 20

Notable players: Kaycee Clark, Tyler Crispen, JC Monduix, Angela Rummans, Brett Robinson, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams

This is an example of a modern season with good game play. The house was divided into two sides early on and remained split down the middle until Day 86. When the house gets divided like it did this season, it makes the season a lot more fun as it increases the drama.

Tyler Crispen played a masterful game as he and his alliance managed to convince the other side to evict their own members on multiple occasions. However, Kaycee Clark won competitions when it mattered most.

JC Monduix and Brett Robinson were great characters. Three showmances formed during the season. There was no shortage of drama this season either between the gameplay and fights.

Big Brother 20 was a breath of fresh air for the series. Seasons 17-19 saw almost no drama or good game play to speak of. Fingers crossed we get another season like this with Big Brother 21.