ZOO exclusive clip: How long are these ‘guests’ staying?

ZOO -- Acquired via Sicily Publicity
ZOO -- Acquired via Sicily Publicity /

ZOO brings another zombie apocalypse but it’s actually like no other. In this exclusive clip, you’ll get to see the real threat of the movie.

ZOO promises to be more than just another zombie apocalypse movie. There’s more heart and there’s more comedy instead of all the blood and guts. In this exclusive clip, you’ll also get a sense of the real threat in the movie.

This is more than just a fight for survival. In the middle of the fight, Karen (Zoe Tapper) and John (Edward Speleers) needs to figure out if they can make their marriage work. As a previous exclusive clip with Claire and Jamie shows, their marriage has broken down and it’s time to talk divorce. Only, a plane crash and zombie apocalypse distract them from that.

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ZOO is the perfect summer, zombie apocalypse movie to check out. It’s ridiculous in a good way — just don’t do in expecting something like World War Z or The Walking Dead!

But it’s not all about them and their fight. They have two house “guests,” who are clearly in from the storm. Antonia Campbell-Hughes and Jan Bijvoet star as those guests, who may not be as easy to get rid of as Karen and John would like. How long will they stay and will they threaten the survival of our hopeful couple?

Check it all out in this exclusive clip of ZOO:

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ZOO is now available to stream on all major VOD platforms, courtesy of 1091 Media.