Who [spoiler] Jessica Jones in Season 3, Episode 1?

Marvel's Jessica Jones season 3, photo via Netflix Media Center
Marvel's Jessica Jones season 3, photo via Netflix Media Center /

The third season of Jessica Jones gets straight into things, introducing the season’s villain in the final act of Season 3, Episode 1. Who is it?

Please note: Spoilers are ahead if you are not caught up on the latest season of Jessica Jones.

Maybe you only had time for one episode this morning of the latest season and you’re too impatient to learn who it is that stabs Jessica in the final moments of the first episode. Or, perhaps, you’ve watched far into it enough to know, but wish to discuss this new villain further. Who is he and what’s his deal? Either way, we’re here for ya!

Jessica meets a man at a bar by the name of Erik, portrayed by Benjamin Walker. The two hit it off, his sarcastic ways are similar to Jessica’s so viewers are quick to warm up to him as well. Don’t worry, he doesn’t have any sinister motives, but he is responsible for getting Jess into this mess.

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Back in her apartment he begins to prepare Jess a burger, as they discussed back at the bar. Someone’s at the door so, being Jessica’s place and assuming it’s Vito, she goes to answer.

Surprise! Jess is stabbed the second she opens the door. The attacker appears shocked and stumbles his way across the hallway.

Typically, catching him would not be a problem, but Jessica is badly injured and collapses. Luckily, Malcom hears the commotion and investigates, calling an ambulance. So, who stabbed Jessica Jones?

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That would be Gregory Salinger! The big bad in season three, he is portrayed by Jeremy Bobb. Their paths have crossed thanks to Erik as it was Erik who Salinger was hoping would answer the door. Still it’s a good thing he is on Jessica’s radar, Salinger is a serial killer and one twisted man, as you’ll soon come to find.

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Salinger also has history with Trish, well at least in the comics where he goes by the name of Foolkiller. Beware, episode 8 is a game changer for Trish and Jess. How does Salinger know Erik? We’ll keep some details to ourselves!

Jessica Jones Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.