Big Little Lies Season 2, Episode 2 recap: Update on the Monterey Five

Season 2, episode 2, debut 6/16/19: Meryl Streep. photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO
Season 2, episode 2, debut 6/16/19: Meryl Streep. photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO /
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Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies – Season 2, episode 2, debut 6/16/19: Laura Dern, Ivy George. photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO /


“I will not not be rich!” Might wind up being the quote of the season. It’s what Renata Klein screams at her husband Gordon while he’s sitting in an orange jumpsuit behind bars. Gordon is arrested by the FBI for securities fraud, and it’s bad. As in, they’re going to come after all their finances, including Renata’s own, bad.

The only thing (supposedly) safe is Amabella’s trust fund. But we’ll see how long that lasts. The news comes on the heels of good news too, Renata will be on the cover of a magazine about powerful women. But before they can toast to her success, Gordon is scooped up by the feds.

Later on, when he’s out on bond, the couple talks about how this happened, and Gordon is quick to blame his wife. She kicks him out of his car, though she can’t go through with it and turns around to pick him back up. It’ll be interesting to see how all this plays out for the Kleins.

Big Little Lies
Big Little Lies – Season 2, episode 2, debut 6/16/19: Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman. photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO /


As of right now, Jane’s storyline is the most subdued this season. As compared to her role from season one, she has one of the least interesting plots so far (outside of everything involving Ziggy and Celeste). I just don’t care much about her potential romance with Aquarium boy right now. I would much rather see more scenes between her and the women, in particular, Celeste. Their scene together in the pilot was one of my favorites and their moments in this episode are easily the better scenes Jane is in.

She’s currently in a terrible spot right now with Ziggy finding out through Chloe about his father. Obviously, that wasn’t the best way for him to learn. And it’s horribly sad that Jane now has to explain the circumstances of his birth.

But it’s nice to see them come together with Celeste and her boys by the end. For now, I’m tentatively hopeful about this new family, let’s just hope the twins can remain on their best behavior.

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Odds & End

  • The other horrible part about Celeste and Mary Louise’s conversation was listening to Celeste regress. She was slowly inching forward with her therapist and now she’s back to taking full blame for something she had no control over. I hope she is able to accept none of this was her fault by season’s end.
  • Drowning comes up more than once this week. Celeste mentions that Madeline once saved her son from drowning, and then Bonnie’s mother mentions having a vision of drowning. Seems foreboding.
  • Speaking of the conversation with Celeste and Mary Louise about Madeline saving her son, was anyone else cut to the quick about Mary Louise immediately asking, “and where were you?” That woman is ice-cold.

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