5 pressing questions we have after the Grand Hotel series premiere


ABC debuts its juicy new summer TV series, Grand Hotel, and we’re keeping track of all the secrets and mysteries from the premiere.

If you’re looking for a soapy summer television show to sink your teeth into every week then ABC has you covered. Grand Hotel is based on the Spanish TV series, Gran Hotel, and it retains its telenovela roots even as it makes the transition to American television.

The opening hour of the series introduces countless mysteries and characters, plenty of intrigue and suspense lingers around every corner as we learn about the vast secrets contained within the Riveria Grand Hotel. Here are some of our biggest questions after the series premiere.

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5. What happened to Sky?

Who knew working as a line chef at a hotel could be life-threatening? No one learns that faster than Sky, who is abducted by a mysterious person dressed in black in the opening five minutes of the episode.

Her kidnapping follows a barbed conversation with Gigi Mendoza, second wife to Santiago Mendoza, the owner of the Riviera Grand Hotel. Sky is in possession of something that could severely damage Santiago’s reputation. What did Sky have? Did the Mendoza’s hire someone to take care of her? Is Sky still alive?

Grand Hotel
GRAND HOTEL – “Pilot” – (ABC/Eric McCandless) LINCOLN YOUNES /

4. What is Danny’s plan?

The ending of the pilot reveals the newest hire, Danny, the sweet waiter who hits it off with Alicia, is none other than Sky’s brother. He has a few photos of her pinned up in his locker. Turns out, he’s only at the hotel to find out what happened to his sister.

We find this out through a delicate phone conversation, so who was Danny talking to? What is his plan to smoke out the person responsible for her disappearance?

3. What is Gigi’s deal?

Out of all the characters in the pilot episode, Gigi is perhaps the most difficult one to get a read on. At times she appears to be a loving mother and wants to forge a genuine connection with Santiago’s children as if they were her own, but then within seconds, she can turn venomous and cruel.

No one knows that better than Alicia, who nearly falls into a trap set by Gigi to keep her from spoiling Catalina’s wedding – only for Alicia to overhear Gigi’s scheming. Is Gigi truly evil? What is her agenda here?

Grand Hotel
GRAND HOTEL – “Pilot” – (ABC/Eric McCandless)  DEMIAN BICHIR /

2. Who does Santiago owe money to?

Initially, it appears that selling the Riveria Grand may be a ploy by Gigi, but it turns out, selling the place is Santiago’s idea. The hotel is a money pit and he’s in serious debt to a mysterious lender.

We don’t know who Santiago owes money to but we do learn that his “friend” Mateo is actually at the hotel to ensure Santiago makes his payments in time. When Santiago requests more time to get the money together, Mateo makes a thinly veiled threat towards his daughter, Alicia. Could Mateo be the man behind Sky’s abduction?

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1. How did Javi really lose his leg?

It becomes apparent quite quickly that Javi is the Mendoza family playboy. He makes an effort to sleep with almost every moderately attractive female guest at the Riveria Grand. Often he uses his disability, the fact he lost one of his legs, as bait to lure women in with a tragic backstory.

First he claims cancer took his limb, then he tells a story about saving children in Afghanistan, obviously, neither is true. But he does get extremely touchy when one girl tries to touch it (though I don’t blame him since she was being pretty rude about it). Santiago mentions Javi losing his leg was his fault. So what is the truth?

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Odds & Ends

  • Since Eva Longoria plays Beatriz Mendoza, Santiago’s first wife, is it possible we might see a grand return from her later on in the season? This is a telenovela after all.
  • I’m curious to see how Ingrid’s storyline is going to weave into the main story. She’s pregnant with Mateo’s baby, but then decides she’ll try to trick Javi into thinking the baby is his.

New episodes of Grand Hotel air Monday nights on ABC.