Big Brother 21 Player Profiles and Analysis: Nicole Anthony

Nicole Anthony is a 24-year-old preschool aide from Long Island, New York. Can Nicole outsmart the competition to win the $500,000 prize? Or will she be outcast as a stereotypical nerd and be evicted early on?

The first thing that sticks out about Nicole Anthony is that she looks like a stereotypical nerd. These days in Big Brother, the stereotypical nerd is often a target. That is because they end up being perceived as an evil genius.

Nicole lists her favorite player as Paul. Nicole likes Paul because she says he was his true authentic self and ran the house while others mindlessly followed. Nicole admires Paul’s ability to stay true to himself and not feel the need to apologize or explain his reasons. I hate to break it to you Nicole, but if he had done that on finale night, he might have won.

Nicole says her strategy is for winning is to play as objectively and authentically as possible. She wants to stay true to herself and connect with people on a personal level. However, she also wants to play it non-emotionally because it’s a game. Those two things are very difficult to mix together.

Jeff Schroeder interviews Nicole Anthony

In her interview with Jeff, you can tell Nicole is a fan simply by how excited she is. She was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement at being in the diary room about to go into the house. However, she does not specify when she started watching. Nicole does not plan on letting her fellow houseguests know just how big of a fan she is.

Nicole says her strategy is to take it slow in the beginning. She plans on assessing the situation first before determining if she wants the first Head of Household. She thinks one of her downfalls could be her mouth. She doesn’t tolerate bullying.

Nicole thinks she is self-aware enough to not do anything to potentially embarrass anybody. She thinks is good at getting along with large groups of people. Nicole graduated second in her class in high school and graduated summa cum laude from college.

Ika Wong interviews Nicole Anthony

In her interview with Ika, Nicole reveals she has been watching since Big Brother 11. She stays on track with her bio here saying Paul is her favorite player. Nicole says she wants to take the game seriously but have fun at the same time.

Nicole says she was a terror when she was younger and once called the police on her mom when she didn’t get her way. Her strategy going in is to assess everyone and adapt to the situation. Nicole does not view herself as one to throw competitions. Nicole can’t stand people that are bullies or mean just to be mean.

What are the chances that Nicole Anthony will win Big Brother 21?

I think overall Nicole is a very smart person and should be a solid strategist. I don’t see her winning very many competitions. Her social game could be solid. However, if she does make it to the end, I see jury management being a problem for Nicole.

In the end, I think Nicole will find herself on the jury. She is likely to be targeted for being a nerd. However, she will likely to have the strategy and determination to avoid being one of the first few evicted.