Big Brother 21 Player Profile and Analysis: Kathryn Dunn

Kathryn Dunn is a 29-year-old digital marketing executive originally from Irving, Texas. Can she overcome her paranoia and lack of knowledge to win Big Brother 21?

The thing that sticks out immediately about Kathryn Dunn is that she was clearly recruited. She says in her bio she doesn’t watch TV and is not very seasoned on Big Brother history.

Kathryn’s strategy for the game is to stay under the radar for as long as she can but arise when it counts. She plans on being friendly to everyone, so nobody has a reason to hate her. She also wants to work behind the scenes as a strategist.

Another interesting thing in Kathryn’s bio is that she has a social media addiction. She says if she doesn’t have her phone on her at all times, she starts salivating at the mouth and experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Jeff Schroeder interviews Kathryn Dunn

In her interview with Jeff, Kathryn says she is addicted to social media. She also says in her interview that Big Brother is the only show she watches. This contradicts her bio. That being said, she also notes she just got a TV two months ago.

Kathryn says she plans on making good relationships with other houseguests. Even though she wants to have good relationships, she does realize you need to stab people in the back to get ahead. She wants to win the first Head of Household competition. However, she realizes that is not entirely possible as she believes she won’t be a beast at competitions.

Ika Wong interviews Kathryn Dunn

In her interview with Ika, Kathryn claims she is a huge fan of Big Brother and grew up watching it. You can tell she is a bad liar between her bio and interviews. She says she has been watching since the first season in 2000.

However, Kathryn’s favorite season is Big Brother 20. Kathryn liked Big Brother 20 because of how nice everyone was. Her favorite player was Tyler Crispen because she liked his game.

Kathryn says she wants to be herself while in the house. She also wants to take a step back and make moves behind the scenes. Another thing she wants to do is strategically tell the truth. She thinks it will be hard to combat the different personalities in the house.

Kathryn is single but not looking for a showmance. She also said if it happens then it happens. One other thing to note from Ika’s interview is that Kathryn seems like a paranoid person. The fact that she’s paranoid already is not a good sign.

What are the chances that Kathryn Dunn will win Big Brother 21?

There are several things Kathryn has going for her. She is good looking and should be have a good social game. She also has what seems like a sound strategy.

Her lack of Big Brother knowledge and social media addiction could be problematic. However, her paranoia and inability to keep her stories straight are the real issues here. I think she will be evicted pre-jury as those two factors will likely contribute to her downfall.