Big Brother 21 Player Profile and Analysis: Nick Maccarone

Nick Maccarone is a 27-year-old therapist from Sewell, New Jersey. Will he make himself too big of a threat? Or can he use his skills as a therapist to manipulate his way to $500,000?

Nick Maccarone says in his bio he started watching Big Brother with Big Brother 17. A tornado hit his town and knocked out power. Due to this, he went to his aunt’s house where the show was on.

Nick says Big Brother 20’s Tyler Crispen is his favorite player. He says Tyler was extremely intelligent, respectful and humble at the same time.

Part of Nick’s strategy is to win the first Head of Household. He notes that players who have won the first Head of Household competition have generally done well in recent years.

He says you aren’t getting too much blood on your head as long as you pretend you didn’t want it and nominate who everyone else says. Nick also says that when people are scared, they will try to make deals. That way, he can just sit back and form the best alliance possible.

Jeff Schroeder interviews Nick Maccarone

In his interview with Jeff, Nick says he started watching Big Brother with Big Brother 17. He got hooked on the show when he visited his aunt’s house. He got hooked on the show after seeing James Huling on the show. He thinks his downfall will be that he says what’s on his mind. Due to that, he is worried about saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Nick recognizes lying is part of the game and will do what it takes to win. At the same time, he wants to be loyal to his alliance. He thinks the first two weeks are going to be super important to him as he wants to make sure he is charming everyone. Nick says he needs a ride or die he can break laws with in the house.

Ika Wong interviews Nick Maccarone

In his interview with Ika, Nick says he started watching with Big Brother 17. He likes the competitions and the mental part of the game. Nick says his favorite male player was Tyler. His favorite female player was Vanessa Russo from Big Brother 17.

Nick says the one thing he doesn’t want to do is get overconfident. He says Big Brother isn’t a team game, it’s a me game. He says you use your alliance to protect you until you don’t need protection anymore.

Nick says in the beginning he won’t be a crazy, hyperactive guy. He plans to work his social game when he first gets in. Nick does want to win the first Head of Household competition if it isn’t too much of a physical competition. He doesn’t want to be seen as a physical threat. Nick seems to think it will be easy to make your power alliance in the first week because people don’t want to go home first.

Nick says he is interested in a potential showmance. However, he wants it to be low key like Tyler and Angela Rummans did last year. Nick knows you are too much of a threat when you are a showmance or bromance.

What are the chances that Nick Maccarone will win Big Brother 21?

Nick has a couple of things going for him. He is in good shape physically. Also, as a therapist, he should be able to get into other player’s minds well.

Nick is likely to become a target for being a physical threat down the line.  It’ll be a matter of winning competitions when necessary and his strategy. In the end, I think Nick will find himself on the jury for being too much of a physical threat.