20 best LGBTQ TV characters as voted by TV Time users

Photo credit: John Medland/ Freeform, acquired from Freeform Press Site
Photo credit: John Medland/ Freeform, acquired from Freeform Press Site /
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Photo credit: Freeform / John Medland, acquired from Freeform Press Site /

12. Magnus Bane — Shadowhunters

Played by: Harry Shum Jr.

Why they’re so great: Shadowhunters often makes the list when LGBTQ TV characters are involved because of Malec. Magnus and Alec offer hope for so many fans. You’ll see Alec later on this list, but it’s all about Magnus right now.

As a warlock, Magnus was already an outcast. He knew despair and hatred because of his dark side. However, he also knew heartache after falling in love with a mundane girl.

Despite the loss, Magnus was able to heal and he was there for Alec when necessary. He understood Alec’s fear of coming out. Instead of pushing him, he supported him and even once stopped Alec from telling his parents the truth. He puts those he loves first and there’s everything to adore about him because of that.

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The Society on Netflix via Media Center
The Society on Netflix via Media Center /

11. Grizz — The Society

Played by: Jack Mulhurn

Why they’re so great: Poor Grizz! Out of all the characters on The Society, he’s the one that I feel the sorriest for in the series. If I’m honest, one of the LGBTQ TV characters from The Society that I love more isn’t on this list but I can understand why Grizz has made it.

He’s a closeted gay, scared of coming out because of the attitude of others. He’s a jock and already different because he’s smart and far more caring of other people than the rest of his team. He doesn’t quite fit in with the jocks but he can’t just turn away from them all. There’s an honor to his character, and when he does find someone he cares deeply for, he’ll go out of his way to befriend and connect to them.