Big Brother 21 Player Profile and Analysis: Christie Murphy

Christie Murphy is a 28-year-old boutique owner from Keyport, New Jersey. Can she use her charm and positive energy to carry her to the $500,000 prize?

As previously noted, houseguests Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco know each other from the outside world. Right off the bat she has a major advantage going into the game.

Christie says in her bio she is a fan of Jeff Schroeder, Jordan Lloyd, Paul Abrahamian, and Dan Gheesling. Christie likes Jeff and Jordan because she loved the dynamic they had when they played together. She likes Paul because he’s a master manipulator and a competition beast. Christie says she loves Dan because who doesn’t?

Christie’s strategy is to use her sexuality as a major social advantage. Christie plans on going into the house as the openly feminine lesbian. She wants to use her charm and femininity to easily persuade and subtly manipulate the men. Christie also thinks she will be the emotional should and best friend to all the girls.

Christie says she won’t be a threat to the women because she won’t be after the men. She also says she won’t be an athletic threat to the men. She says what they don’t know is that she is super competitive and extreme overachiever. She says she plans on winning a lot of competitions. Christie also notes she has a photographic memory and is good at puzzles.

Jeff Schroeder interviews Christie Murphy

In her interview with Jeff, the first thing you notice is that Christie was crying even before the interview started. That’s probably not a good sign of things to come. Christie says she is a super, super nerd as she has been watching since she was 15.

Christie wants everyone to get to know her personality. She also does not want to play too hard too fast and wants to lay a little low. Christie is a fan of Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur and Big Brother 20 runner-up Tyler Crispen. She was a fan of their games. She wants to align herself with a man and a woman.

Christie is a very spiritual person. She gives off Kaitlyn Herman vibes in this interview. She says one thing she wants to do is have a gratitude circle.

Christie thinks one of her downfalls is that she is an emotional person and is very vulnerable. She fears she might be a social threat. She is going to try her hardest not to get into a showmance but wouldn’t say no to one.

Ika Wong interviews Christie Murphy

In her interview with Ika, Christie says she started watching with Big Brother 8. She says her favorite players are Derrick and Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd. She says integrity is important to her in the game.

Christie notes that she is a lesbian.  Christie notes she was in a 7-year relationship with someone 21 years older than her. She plans to use that to her advantage to get the men on her side. Christie also notes she is a tomboy. She also says she is an open book.

Christie thinks she will win this season by being unapologetically herself. She also thinks her photographic memory is going to help her win the mental competitions. Christie also thinks she will know when to throw competitions.

What are the chances that Christie Murphy will win Big Brother 21?

I think Christie will fare reasonably well in the competitions this season. She should also have a solid social game. Being an open book is usually not a good thing in the Big Brother game. In fact, I think she will be easily manipulated because of this. Knowing a fellow houseguest should also help depending on the status of their relationship.

However, she seems to lack an understanding of Big Brother strategy. For as much as she lacks, she has a lot going for her in the social game and potentially competitions too. In the end, I believe Christie will make it to the jury.