Big Brother 21 Player Profile and Analysis: Jack Matthews

Jack Matthews is a 28 year old fitness trainer from Tampa Bay, Florida. Can Jack use his charm to win the game?

If you had a checklist of desirable skills and abilities for winning Big Brother, Jack Matthews might possess all of them. Jack is a charming, attractive young man with a background in sports and fitness. Jack also demonstrates social awareness with a baseline knowledge of Big Brother gameplay.

However, the requirements to win Big Brother vary with each an every season of the show. When you bring a new group of players together, different skill sets rise to the top and with each passing week, you must adapt and change accordingly.

Jeff Schroeder interviews Jack Matthews

In his interview with Jeff, Jack says that he has become a recent fan of Big Brother. While it seems as though most of the cast are new to the game, Jack at least a watched a few seasons of the show and has a general understanding of how the game is played.

When asked about his strategy, Jack mentions how he would rather stay away from winning HOH competitions while focusing more on Veto competitions. Strategically, this can only work if he finds himself in a solid alliance.

Jack is also aware of his emotions. While in sequester, Jack talks about reflecting on life and shedding a few tears in the process. Historically, the Big Brother house is an emotionally charged place, and being in tune with your emotions can be a real tool in your belt entering the game.

Ika Wong interviews Jack Matthews

In Jack’s interview with Ika, he is asked what he is most looking forward to in the game. Jack talks mostly about the competitions, as well as meeting and living with the other houseguests. In this interview as well as the interview with Jeff, Jack mentions that he dislikes “one-uppers” in social situations. Big Brother is a game of social awareness and self-awareness.

Ika later asks Jack if he is a leader or a follower, and he said he was a follower.

What are the chances that Jack Matthews will win Big Brother 21?

Jack has the tools needed to succeed in this game. Jack’s biggest two assets will be his social awareness and his physical prowess. However, I fear that Jack won’t have any social capital due to his go-with-the-flow nature. I see Jack getting brought into a strong alliance, becoming a physical meat-shield, then becoming too big of a target to overcome.

Unfortunately, it’s the physical threats that become targets first, and in a house of recruits I think that’ll ultimately lead to Jack’s eviction. Jack has the skills, but I don’t see enough of an understanding of the social/strategic side of the game for those skills to manifest themselves enough to win. In the end, I think he will end up on the jury.