Big Little Lies: Monterey five update from Season 2, Episode 3

Photo Credit: Big Little Lies/HBO/Jennifer Clasen, Acquired From HBO PR Medium
Photo Credit: Big Little Lies/HBO/Jennifer Clasen, Acquired From HBO PR Medium /
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Season 2, episode 3, debut 6/23/19: Nicole Kidman. photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO /


Celeste is still having a hard time parsing her complicated feelings for Perry. Her therapist wonders if she misses the war. It’s common for abuse victims to feel lost without the constant turmoil of their relationship.

Celeste believes she can keep Perry’s good memories close, that it isn’t harmful to her to remember the love he had for her and their children.

She does finally reach her breaking point with Mary Louise when she discovers Perry’s mother snooping in her bathroom. She finds Celeste’s Vicodin and makes a snide comment. To which Celeste responds she needed them, like for when her son kicked her in the head.

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Poor Amabella. She has an anxiety attack in the middle of class. Her therapist discovers she is scared of the world ending because they’ve been learning about climate change in school. Amabella is also concerned about her father potentially going to jail and about something terrible happening to her mother, who has been acting distant since Perry’s death. Gordon too has noticed a change in Renata.

He confronts his uneasy wife about this at the end of the episode. It is becoming increasingly difficult for her to maintain the veneer of the “woman in power” she wants to be. When the topic of Perry is broached, like when Renata fearfully questions Celeste about whether Ed knows what happened that night, it becomes clear she is struggling to stay afloat.