11 horror movies given a second life by LGBTQ audiences

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8. The Lost Boys

A combination of campy horror and vampire indulgence allows The Lost Boys to continue wowing audiences 32 years after its release. It has a comic book spin-off and the network CW has recently announced their plans to make a TV series remake that has yet to be given a release date.

On the surface, The Lost Boys is a very straight forward horror flick with an incredible good-looking heterosexual couple. However, after a couple of screenings, it’s hard not to notice the cracks in this design starting with the female lead, Star (Jami Gertz) who doesn’t drive the plot outside of recruiting the protagonist into a pack of vampires. The film’s real love story is between Michael (Jason Patric) and vampire leader David (Kiefer Sutherland).

When they’re not too busy staring into each other’s eyes, Michael is busy either working at impressing David or drinking his bodily fluids (blood). David also has a very annoying habit of repeatedly chanting Michael’s name about 100 times in the movie.

Star doesn’t have much luck with the other vampires either, despite being a beautiful woman surrounded by men, not one shows any interest in her. They all prefer Michael’s, David’s or each other’s company over hers.