11 horror movies given a second life by LGBTQ audiences

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6. Jennifer’s Body

I remember when this movie came out and I remember the way everyone trashed it for weeks because Jennifer’s Body came out about 10 years too early. It has major flaws, but in 2009 everyone disregarded it as yet another mindless horror film featuring overly sexual teenagers in a half-baked plot filled in by mounds of gore. However, this isn’t at all what Jennifer’s Body was about and it took people several years to finally see that.

The MeToo movement is what actually gave this film a second chance, but it was considered an LGBTQ classic way before that thanks to the erotic undertones taking place between the friendship of the two female leads, Jennifer (Megan Fox) and Anita “Needy” (Amanda Seyfried).

Though it’s never outright said, the film heavily implies that Jennifer and Needy harvest romantic feelings for each other, and near the end of the film the two have a full fledge make-out session that’s more sensual than anything either girl experienced with their male companions.

Considering horror movies are often metaphors for sexuality and adolescence, Jennifer’s Body is a take on bisexuality featuring a female protagonist/antagonist that seduces and kills men but isn’t against doing the same with women.

"Needy: “I thought you only murdered boys.” Jennifer: “I go both ways.”"