Big Brother 21 Player Profile and Analysis: Isabella Wang

Isabella Wang is a 22-year-old public health analyst originally from Mount Olive, New Jersey.  Can her social game lead her to the $500,000 prize?

In her bio, it is not clear whether Isabella Wang is a recruit who knows nothing about Big Brother or is just being snarky. Other than that, there really isn’t much to see here.

Isabella says her favorite past Big Brother houseguest is herself. She lists her strategy for winning the game is bribery. Bribery is against the rules of Big Brother. She also doesn’t think she will have any problems living in the Big Brother house. She feels like she was low-key born for Big Brother.

Jeff Schroeder interviews Isabella Wang

In her interview with Jeff, we find out Isabella goes by Bella. Bella claims she is a fan of Big Brother. Her strategy is to work her social game. Bella wants to make a connection with every single houseguest.

Bella thinks her downfall will be that she doesn’t have the best memory. She plans on being responsible with the money and invest it if she wins. She thinks her best qualities are her social game, ability to look at the big picture, and that she doesn’t take a lot of things to heart.

Bella thinks her physical game will be strong, like her social game. She lost 50 pounds in 2018. That is an incredible accomplishment. She thinks her mental game will be strong also, having climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Bella thinks if she wins it will be because her social game was on point. As a result, she doesn’t think America could hate her because the jury loved her.

Ika Wong interviews Isabella Wang

In her interview with Ika, Bella says she wanted to be on Big Brother because the opportunity arose,and she decided to take the leap. Bella says she is a recent fan of Big Brother, which means she was likely recruited.

Bella says she will bring her Chinese American cultural ethnicity to Big Brother. She also thinks she will bring a lot of fun and high energy to the show. Bella says she likes to have fun, keep it light-hearted, and entertain herself. She says when she’s bored, there’s no saying what she’s going to be doing.

Bella says she wouldn’t get along with people who take little things and make them into a big deal, not remembering it’s a game. That being said, Bella notes that doesn’t pertain to her. She gets along with outgoing personalities and people who like to have a good time. She also likes people who are aggressive, direct, and ask for what they want.

Bella says her strategy is to work her social game. Her favorite players are JC Monduix, Tyler Crispen, and Kaycee Clark because of their social games.

What are the chances that Isabella Wang will win Big Brother 21?

I think Bella overestimates her physical skills, but she should have a strong social game. She doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of Big Brother gameplay. I see Bella being a floater in the house. Having a bad memory isn’t going to help her down the line.

However, social skills go a long way in the Big Brother house. I think Bella’s social skills will be good enough to carry her to the jury house.