The Matrix: How would you want to see the franchise comeback?

Photo: Michael B. Jordan, Fahrenheit 451 (Credit: Michael Gibson/HBO) via HBO Medium
Photo: Michael B. Jordan, Fahrenheit 451 (Credit: Michael Gibson/HBO) via HBO Medium /

Rumors are swirling that the Matrix is coming back with Michael B. Jordan and the Wachowskis. What are all of the possible ways this could happen?

As reboots go, nothing is off the table. The latest rumor suggests The Matrix is coming back with Michael B. Jordan as the star and the Wachowski siblings back behind the camera. But is this a full-blown reboot? Fans are still in the dark about many details, but let’s discuss the possibilities!

If the Matrix does happen to come back, here are four possibilities on how it could work.

A full-on reboot

A full reboot of the Matrix would be my least favorite option. I adored the original movies so much and it was such a wild ride. Making Michael B. Jordan as Neo (or another similar Chosen One character) is fine, but it should be done in a way that is nothing like the original movies.

I don’t inherently mind reboots, but there just needs to be a much longer time period between them, especially when the Matrix is still constantly shown on television.

A prequel

One of the suggestions thrown around is making the new movie a prequel for a Young Morpheus. Laurence Fishburne played the character in the Matrix movies and we haven’t forgotten him.

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This idea does intrigue me because there is still so much about the leader of these rebels we don’t know. How did he become the one that recruited other people to pull them out of the Matrix? Who pulled him out?How many people has he pulled out? Morpheus is a special character and a story on his life would be welcomed.

Matrix 4

The end of Matrix Revolutions left the window open for more movies. The Oracle and the Architect agreed to keep the peace for as long as they can. But that leads us to believe that it won’t be peaceful in the Matrix forever. This is the time when the next Chosen One would need to rise and lead the people inside the Matrix against a virus that is infected it. That’s where Michael B. Jordan steps in.

TV series

Television series are all the rage right now, especially with all the different streaming services and options viewers have. While I don’t actually see this happening and nothing has suggested this would be the case, how amazing would a TV series be to delve deeper inside the Matrix and the universe around it. To me, this would be very, very welcome.

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What do you think of the Matrix’s possible return? What version would you want to see?