Big Brother 21 Player Profile and Analysis: Sam Smith

Sam Smith is a 31-year-old truck driver from Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. Can he use his charm and strategy to lead him to $500,000?

From his bio Sam Smith immediately sticks out. He’s 31 years old, making him the second oldest male this season.

Sam’s strategy is a rather interesting one. He wants to be true to his alliance and a little bit of a rat for them. That’s only going to get you so far. If you use that strategy, others will lose trust in you and your alliance will eventually blindside you.

Sam’s favorite player is Derrick Levasseur. Sam loved Derrick’s gameplay. The most difficult part of Sam’s time in the house is going to be missing his family.

Jeff Schroeder interviews Sam Smith

In his interview with Jeff, Sam says he was crying in his hotel room at sequester from missing his kids. He also thought Tyler was on Big Brother 16. Derrick is Sam’s favorite player because he loved Derrick’s game.

Sam knows in the first few weeks they vote out social threats. Then in the following weeks, they vote out physical threats. As a result, he wants to lay low until there are about 10 players left and work his social game. Once 10 people are left, that’s when Sam plans to play hard core.

Ika Wong interviews Sam Smith

In his interview with Ika, Sam says him and his wife have been watching Big Brother for 8 years now. Big Brother 16 is his favorite season and Derrick is his favorite player Sam being on the show was his wife’s idea.

Sam’s strategy is to tone it down in the first couple of weeks. He says after everyone gets to know him is when he will come out and shine. Sam says he wants to make it to at least jury.

Sam says the houseguest he least wants to be like is Chris “Swaggy C” Williams because of how cocky he was. Cocky personalities rub Sam the wrong way. Sam likes charismatic, outgoing personalities, and people who tell it like it is. For this reason, he liked Zach Rance even though he could be rough around the edges.

What are the chances that Sam Smith will win Big Brother 21?

I expect Sam to be strong socially and possibly in the competitions as well. His strategy has me a bit confused, however.

If he goes with the strategy he has listed in his bio, he won’t last very long. If he goes with his strategy he had in his interviews, he should do just fine. In the end, I think Sam will make it to the jury.