Big Brother 21 Premiere Part 1: Camp Director Twist Revealed

Big Brother 21 premiered last night. Sixteen brand new men and women moved into the Big Brother house and began the battle for $500,000. The houseguests also faced their first major decision of the summer: who to name camp director.

Big Brother returned to our television screens last night. This year,  the Big Brother house opened its doors to sixteen brand new men and women. This season’s house is summer camp themed. Some of whom know each other from the outside world. We were also introduced to the camp director twist. There will be more on that later, but first lets recap the events of the premiere.

Big Brother 21 cast member introductions

The first three houseguests introduced were 24-year-old server Jackson Michie, 28-year-old Broadway dancer Tommy Bracco, and 24-year-old special needs preschool aide Nicole Anthony. The next two introduced were 29-year-old digital marketing executive Kathryn Dunn and 22-year-old college graduate Ovi Kabir. After that, 28-year-old fitness trainer/Jason Mamoa look-a-like Jack Matthews, 25-year-old digital marketing strategist Kemi Fekunle, and 31-year-old wine safari guide Holly Allen were introduced.

Julie Chen was on hand to welcome the first eight to Big Brother 21. The first four to move in were Tommy, Jack, Kathryn, and Nicole. Shortly after, Jackson, Kemi, Ovi, and Holly moved in. It turns out Jackson and Ovi both went to the University of Tennessee. Outside the house, Julie teased a twist that included a game changing power. She also teased that some houseguests may know each other.

BB21 cast introductions continue

After Julie’s tease, there were still eight houseguests to go. 28-year-old boutique owner Christie Murphy, 31-year-old truck driver Sam Smith, and 22-year-old public health analyst Isabella Wang were the first three of the second group introduced. Then, 27-year-old therapist Nick Maccarone and 30ish plus size model Jessica Milagros were the next two introduced. The final three we met were 54-year-old petroleum engineer Cliff Hogg III, 22-year-old college soccer star Analyse Talavera, and 29-year-old photographer David Alexander.

Just as with the first group of eight, Julie was on hand to welcome them to Big Brother 21. Cliff, Isabella, David, and Analyse were the first four from the second group to enter the house. Christie, Sam, Nick, and Jessica were the last four in the house. It turns out Christie dated someone in Tommy’s family for the last seven years.

Blossoming bromance

What would the summer with out a little romance? In this case, it’s a bromance. Almost immediately, Jack and Jackson took a liking to each other over their physical attributes and mutual love of food.

We also find out several housemates seem to have crushes on each other. All the girls have a crush on Jack, Jackson has a crush on Analyse, and Kathryn has a crush on Jackson.

Julie Chen teases this summer’s first big twist to the houseguests

After everyone got to know each other, Julie dropped a bombshell on the houseguests. They would be electing a camp director. The camp director would be given unprecedented power. The camp director would also be safe for the first week. Cliff, David, Jessica and Jackson campaigned to be camp director.

Alliances begin to form

An alliance between the girls and Tommy formed with the goal of getting Jessica elected camp director. Soon after, Jackson and Jack officially formed an alliance. They brought Nick and Nicole into their alliance.  Jackson then got some of the girls on board with the goal of targeting his three camp director opponents.

Camp director vote

One by one the houseguests went to the backyard to vote for who they wanted to be camp director. It was then revealed Jackson was elected the camp director. Houseguests who were eliminated from the vote were blasted with slime. In the end, Jackson received ten votes, Jessica received four votes, Jack got one vote, and Nick got one vote.

Julie reveals the full extent of the camp director power

After the vote, Julie revealed the full power of the camp director. As camp director, Jackson was tasked with banishing four houseguests from the Big Brother house. The four he chooses will be out of the Big Brother game. The four houseguests selected would then go head to head in a competition where three houseguests would win their way back in. The loser will be evicted from the Big Brother house for good before the first eviction takes place.

Who will Jackson select to face off in the competition? Who will win their way back into the house? Who will be the first person evicted? Find out tonight at 8 pm eastern!