In the Dark Season 1 finale preview: Will Tyson’s murder mystery finally be resolved?

Dean has become the number one audience suspect in Tyson’s death. How will Murphy react to this potential twist? Find out by watching In the Dark’s finale.

Could Tyson’s murder finally be solved? In the penultimate episode of In the Dark, we saw Murphy and Dean’s relationship take a step forward. They shared a kiss at the roller rink on her birthday.

Before the kiss could lead to something more or spawn questions about whether these two will become a couple, Dean rushed off, claiming Jules needed his help. The thing is, Jules was busy spying on Nia at the time.

She witnessed Nia meeting with a dirty cop, recognizable by the trademark gun holster they all carry. A gun holster, Dean himself has. This is a fact the show makes sure the audience knows by precise camera zooms onto Dean’s shoes and holster.

Clearly, the writers want us to believe Dean is the dirty cop that framed Darnell and murdered Tyson. Did he? Or is this a final red herring before the finale reveals the whole truth?

It is also possible that Dean didn’t kill Tyson, but he was roped into the cover-up by someone else. Looks like we’ll find out tonight.

As far as the episode synopsis goes, it’s short and sweet, only teasing that things take an “interesting turn between Dean and Murphy.” That could mean multiple things but the trailer for the episode does show Murphy freaking out on Dean in the car.

Here is the final trailer for season one of In the Dark:

Don’t miss out on the season one finale of In the Dark tonight. The entire season should be available on Netflix soon to binge watch but you won’t want to wait to find out the truth!

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