AEW’s Fyter Fest could be just what you and WWE need

AEW’s Fyter Fest can be the breath of fresh air you needed, especially while WWE is a mess right now.

WWE is a mess right now, and they’re doing anything they can to try to right the ship. Dusting off legends left and right and handing the reins over to previously vanquished business adversaries. The frustration between the fans and the biggest promotion in the world is evident. Fans continue to take to social media to complain weekly.

While some of the talents have become so frustrated, they’ve decided they can no longer turn a blind eye to it. I might also point out that while everything had seemingly been trending down for a while, it dropped off a cliff after the disappearance of Sasha Banks. Though, that is mainly just my personal point of view.

With WWE having its clear trouble, many people have trumpeted AEW as the chosen promotion to finally put Vince McMahon out to pasture. In reality, that’s probably not going to happen, but what AEW can do is renew your love in professional wrestling.

Personally, I got back into WWE because I was interested in it as a storytelling device. The wrestling for me was enhanced by the storylines and the characters involved. Naturally, this meant that as soon as the stories took their weird turns, like Sister Abigail vs the Demon, or restaurant manager Corbin getting a big push, it became more difficult to watch.

Couple that with someone in the back who hates tag team wrestling, which means that one of WWE’s most talented tag teams, The Usos, don’t get utilized properly and now you’re questioning even turning on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live. Luckily for us, through all of this turmoil for WWE, All Elite Wrestling showed up and gave us something else to watch.

Though for me, when I first watched Double or Nothing, I was concerned that I had wasted my 50 bucks. There were no storylines since they haven’t even started weekly shows. I only knew two of the wrestlers, Kenny Omega who I only knew from a New Day vs the Elite crossover event. And, Chris Jericho who the last time I saw wrestle was going by Y2J.

However, what I discovered is that while I do like great storytelling in professional wrestling. I discovered that I really like professional wrestling, never mind the promotion. If wrestling is good, and I can find a way to watch it, I’m there. So, with WWE driving fans crazy with continual Lacey Evans pushes. And in return, the fans driving Seth Rollins crazy with their ridiculous hot takes and unempathetic stances. How about we all tune in this weekend for free and check out Fyter Fest and just enjoy some wrestling?

Because you can let boom box Brock Lesnar, and TGIF Baron Corbin get your twitter fingers into a tizzy. But I would recommend giving SoCal Uncensored, Private Party, and Best Friends a look this weekend. Appreciate what Yuka Sakazaki, Riho and Nyla Rose do in their women’s triple threat match. Revel in the fact that Jon Moxley gets to be his creative self again. And that the whole card ends with what will be a crazy match between Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks vs Laredo Kid and the Lucha Bros.

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Most importantly, be thankful you have some quality professional wrestling to watch while WWE figures itself out.

Fyter Fest can be streamed live Saturday June 29th on B/R Live.