Ancient Aliens: Element 115 could provide means for interstellar travel

Ancient Aliens explores element 115, a potentially alien-based propulsion fuel that could propel reverse engineered, human piloted spacecraft.

Remember Independence Day? Well, this episode of Ancient Aliens is basically Independence Day, but without Jeff Goldblum or Will Smith.

How close is humanity to discovering the ability to travel beyond the speed of light? With a warp drive perhaps? Ancient Aliens provides an alternate theory.

S4 is near Area 51.

You know about Area 51. You may not know about Area 52. But did you know there is an S4 just south of Area 51? Ancient Aliens does a quick rehash of the Roswell incident, drops a note or two about flying saucers which were eventually called weather balloons despite being briefed to J. Edgar Hoover as three, not one, flying saucers. Then it’s on to S4, the road leading to it, and a physicist named Bob Lazar.

According to Lazar, who looks like a normal sized Warwick Davis, he worked at S4. He was the first one to expose Area 51, and was initially labelled a fraud. A FOIA proved he was right later, because everyone knows about Area 51 now. More importantly, Lazar was reverse engineering alien spacecraft, and found they could bend space via something called element 115, which serves as interstellar travel fuel.

Wouldn’t you know it? Just a few years ago some scientists in Dubna, Russia created their very own element 115, which is now called moscovium. It only exists for fraction of a second, but theoretical physicists believe it could be much more powerful than uranium if harnessed. It could fuel a starship like it did in Lazar’s work. If so, that could elevate humanity to a Type I civilization on the Kardashev Scale. Shortly thereafter, maybe Type II.

Ancient Alien déjà vu

Because it’s semi-related, connection to Roswell, the Russian Roswell, Kapustin Yar, the shot down and/or crashed UFOs, and silver, cigar-shaped spacecraft reverse engineering is brought up. All previously discussed on Ancient Aliens.

Ancient Aliens also goes into a prolonged tangent about popular UFO encounters. These interactions, one of which is the Gimbal video, have been covered on a previous episode. Validation of the previous episode, and corroboration of Bob Lazar’s claims, are made via film study with a Hollywood visual effects guy and the astrophysicist from Rocket City Rednecks. They watch the aircraft’s pitch, yaw, and relative movement while comparing it to known aircraft and computer models. More importantly, discussion regarding a bubble of sorts around the craft focuses on the infrared nature of the video and the heat disparity between craft and bubble.

What’s the end result?

Given that particle accelerators, particularly one in Russia, are working on harnessing the power of super heavy elements like 115, what happens when we gain access to these powers? End result, what is the consequence to opening portals that allow time and space to be warped?

Best Case

We end up at a lesser advanced culture and are mistaken for Gods.

Average Case

We run into something terrifying but ultimately manageable.

Worst Case

We unleash Hell.

Ancient Aliens has a solid premise and, more importantly, a corroborating expert for this theory. Could we potentially be traveling to distant galaxies via element 115 in the near future?

Ancient Aliens airs Friday nights on the History channel.