American Princess Season 1, Episodes 9 and 10 preview

American Princess wraps up its first season tonight with both its ninth and 10th episodes airing in succession on Lifetime. Find out how to watch here.

Well quite a bit happened on last week’s double episodes of American Princess. Amanda and David shared a long-awaited kiss, and Delilah was forced to go to court in order to fight for custody of her son.

Things went well thanks to Amanda. She called in Brett to help Delilah’s case. But awkwardly, left out the fact he was her ex to David. He finds out at the end of the episode and I’m guessing we’ll see the fall-out of that this week.

In the first hour of the two new episodes Lifetime is airing tonight, Amanda and David will be paired together when they’re tasked with leading a corporate group through the fair. The penultimate hour of the season will consist of some of their most challenging guests ever!

Why? Because these are pencil-pushers and tight-laced people who might just be the most boring visitors the fair has ever had.

In the Season 1 finale episode, the Rennies will celebrate the end of the Renaissance Faire season and close it out with a bang.

Amanda and David will discuss their future, will they be together or apart? We’ll have to watch to find out! Plus, Maggie will continue to send out auditions to see if she can potentially follow her new passion of being an actress. She’ll enlist Brian to assist her.

Read the complete synopsis for Episode 9 right here:

Amanda and David are forced to take a corporate group around the Renaissance Festival together; Brian and Juan Andres double-date with Natasha, Phil and Stephen; Delilah manages her residual emotions from the trial.

As for the season finale, you can read the synopsis for that episode here:

Amanda and David discuss plans for the future; Brian and Juan Andres help Maggie tape another audition; Delilah deals with the end of the faire season by honoring a dearly departed friend; the Rennies close out the faire season with a bang.

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Date: Sunday, July 7
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Episode: Season 1, Episode 9, “You Can Always Trust Your Vaganya” and Episode 8, “Faire Well”
TV Channel: Lifetime
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