25 best television shows on Netflix right now

Photo: Penn Badgley in You season 2.. Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix
Photo: Penn Badgley in You season 2.. Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix /
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25. The Last Kingdom

Synopsis: When a young boy’s father is killed, his ancestral home is taken over by his uncle. The young boy is sold into slavery. That young boy is called Uhtred, and now as a grown man and both a Saxon and a Dane, he goes on a journey to get his home back. He’ll stop at nothing to achieve his mission, although he will get distracted along the way.

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Why it’s worth watching: If you love Vikings, then you’re going to want to give The Last Kingdom a chance. It’s also excellent for Game of Thrones, Outlander, and any other historical fiction fans.

The Last Kingdom, based on the excellent Saxon Series by Bernard Cornwell, tells the story of the fictional character Uhtred. He meets some characters based on real historical people along the way, including King Alfred the Great.

This is perfect for those who love battle scenes, those who want to learn a little more about history, and those who simply love the novel series. The acting is excellent, writing on point, and battle choreography exquisite. Originally a BBC venture, Netflix jumped into the series in the second season and for the third, the show became a global Netflix Original.