Upcoming Digimon film brings back the second generation of DigiDestined

The upcoming Digimon film will include the second generation of DigiDestined, debuting new designs for the highly anticipated final evolution.

After the departure of the Digimon Adventure 02 characters, (other than a brief cameo in Adventure Tri) there’s now confirmation that they will return to join the fight in the film Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. The official website for the Digimon offered the first glimpse of the returning characters and a new mature spin on the protagonists who are no longer children.

While the website offered initial looks at the new versions of the second generation DigiDestined, With The Will confirmed additional information about the characters and what their lives now resemble. Once the leader of the group, Davis is actively pursuing a career as a chef, with the MVP of the group Ken now a psychology major who has remained close to his lovable companion Wormon.

Meanwhile, Yolei is an engineering major traveling in Spain and Cody is the youngest as a second-year high school student with an appreciation for law. In Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion, the four were momentarily seen in danger and out of the epic battle, so knowing that they will truly be involved makes the stakes higher for the future and possible finale of Digimon.

The follow-up film is set to be released in February 2020, and it will continue to follow the core DigiDestined, who are now at different times in their own lives. The marketing so far as suggested the bonds will be tested and that this could be the epic climax of the franchise, which brilliantly follows a different approach to avoid becoming your standard reunion or sequel anime.

Digimon was primarily a children’s series at the time of its conception, leading many to assume any sequel would stay in that lane or demographic. Instead, Digimon has shown maturity, growth, actual aging and the development of a larger story that fits the age range of people who grew up with the series to begin with. Having Digimon back is not only a great gift for anime fans, but for a generation who can now follow the story in a way that feels authentic to the characters.

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