Where will Ma be available to stream?

Ma is one of the hottest horror movies of the year. Now you likely want to stream it at home. While it’s not available yet, where will Ma stream?

What happens when a lonely middle-aged woman befriends some teens and lets them party in her house? That’s what you’ll find out in one of the hottest horror movies of the year, Ma. You’ll soon be able to own it on DVD and Blu-ray, but what if you want to stream it online for free with one of your many subscription services?

Where will you be able to stream Ma online? Will it be Netflix? What about Prime Video? It’s going to be neither of them. Universal Pictures movies head over to HBO Now.

The good news is that it doesn’t usually take too long to become available on HBO. You can usually stream within six months or so of the theatrical release date. This gives the production studio time to gain revenue through the Digital and Blu-ray copies.

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, there’s some great news. You can keep all your accounts in one place. HBO is part of Amazon Channels, and you won’t pay any extra to sign up through this method.

Ma is certainly the horror movie you want to check out. The wonderful Octavia Spencer stars as Sue Ann, who is approached by a bunch of teenagers outside a liquor store. The teens want her to buy them some alcohol, which she does with an extra offer of her basement to party in.

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Sue Ann only has a few rules to follow. She’s to be called Ma and the teens should never go upstairs or use any foul language while in her home. She also requires that one member of the party remains sober. Those shouldn’t be hard rules to follow, should they?

Well, maybe not, but what the teens don’t realize is that they’ve put themselves in a dangerous position. Ma wants to party with the teens, doing things she never got to do when she was a teenager. And she’ll join in at any cost.

Check out the trailer for Ma and get ready for it to come to streaming.

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Ma will be available to stream on HBO Now.

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