Everything coming to BritBox in August 2019

BritBox is the home of all things British. Father Brown, All Creatures Great and Small, and much more will be on BritBox in August 2019.

It’s time for another month of excellent content on BritBox, the home of all things British. Here’s a look at everything arriving on the service in August 2019.

This month sees new episodes of the highly popular Father Brown. You can also watch old episodes of All Creatures Great and Small (a must-watch) and so much more. Before we get into the full list of everything coming to BritBox in August 2019, here’s a look at the most notable arrivals.

Father Brown Season 7 finally gets its US premiere. Harry Potter fans will want to tune in, as it stars Arthur Weasley—Mark Williams—as the titular character. He’s a Catholic priest who takes it upon himself to solve the most mysterious cases in his quaint village of Kembleford in the Cotwolds.

The season is already available on the streaming service as of today.

If you love murder mysteries, then you’ll be happy to hear two Agatha Christie shows are getting their BritBox premieres. Look out for Murder Most Foul and Alphabet Murders.

And you certainly won’t want to miss British vet James Herriot, played by Christopher Timothy, in the lovable All Creatures Great and Small. Doctor Who’s Peter Davidson also stars, along with the Harry Potter franchise’s Robert Hardy. Set in 1940s Yorkshire, the vet staff just can’t help but get up to some of the craziest mischief going. The first three seasons will be available at the end of the month.

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Everything coming to BritBox in August 2019

Aug. 1

  • Father Brown Season 7

Aug. 2

  • Murder Most Foul

Aug. 9

  • Alphabet Murders

Aug. 13

  • 35 Days Seasons 1-3

Aug. 20

  • Britain’s Biggest Adventures with Bear Grylls

Aug. 27

  • Age Before Beauty

Aug. 30

  • All Creatures Great and Small Seasons 1-3
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What are you watching on BritBox throughout August? Which show are you excited to finally see on the service? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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