Ancient Aliens: The Alien Infection suggests ET viruses and bacteria


Ancient Aliens: The Alien Infection suggests extra-terrestrial viruses and bacteria are not only reality, but potentially deliberate.

Ancient Aliens starts with a study from 2016 suggests that one-third of humans were altered more by a virus in ancient history than by natural selection. A symbiotic relationship with viruses, existing since the beginning of life, has altered and aided human evolution. One such example points to a special layer of placenta, adapted 25-40 million years ago, that protects a fetus from being rejected by the mother.

The natural next step for Ancient Aliens is to wonder, to outright suggest, that this viral evolution is not pure chance, but actually directed by aliens?

The genetic leaps and the bottleneck

Over the years of human evolution, there have been several, difficult to explain genetic leaps. Missing links. In fact, 75,000 years ago there was a human evolution bottleneck, where human population decreased from millions to thousands. For some time it was suggested that a super volcano is the cause, but that theory is changing. Many now contend the drastic death rate is a result of a virus or plague that was perfectly designed to wipe out humankind. Those who were able to overcome the results took the next evolutionary step, and the human brain was forevermore transformed.

Giorgio proposes aliens were involved. The viruses were not an accident, but a deliberate, artificial change of DNA.

Ancient Aliens, Photo by Mason Poole/HISTORY
Ancient Aliens, Photo by Mason Poole/HISTORY /

We are all sea monkeys.

The Spanish Flu

Boston, 1918, two sailors go to sick bay with dark splotches, foaming at the mouth, and severe bleeding. Initial diagnosis was undoubtedly interaction with some shore leave strange, but the following days and weeks proved otherwise. Eight more the second day. A few weeks later thousands are dead or dying from the Spanish Flu.

The crazy thing is, the exact same thing was happening in Bombay, India on the other side of the globe. Even crazier, it started in both locations on the same day. Given that trip’s impossibility in a single day of boat travel, and air travel didn’t exist, the only real possibility is something like a comet grazing the atmosphere and spreading germs.

Surviving the elements

NASA sent a surveyor to the moon in 1967 to get soil samples. A little over two years later, men landed on the moon and picked up remnants from 1967. Incredibly, human germs lasted nearly 3 years. Further proving the concept that microbial life can exist off of Earth, the Russians carried tardigrades into space in 2007 to test survivability in deep space environment. The little tardigrades survived the radiation, the temperatures, and passed every criteria required to prove they could survive on comets.

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If microbes can survive in space, can they fall to Earth from space? A 2007 experiment in the Sierra Nevada range not only confirmed the possibility, but expanded upon it. Over 800 million viruses per square meter were captured, and only a percentage of them could be recirculated.

Life persists

Giorgio and a retired NASA scientist named Dr. Hoover, who is a leading proponent of panspermia, traveled to Whistler, Canada in 2017 to explore the Pemberton Glacier. While there, they entered a huge ice cave that opens up wide enough to fit a whale. The ice is tens of thousands of years old, and Dr. Hoover thinks an enormous amount of biology exists within the glacier. Not only is a core sample taken, but some ice worms are also discovered on the trip. These worms further prove the idea of life in inhospitable environments, as they slither through the ice and feed on bacteria.

Once the pair return from their excursion, the bacteria is thawed and alive, wiggling around under a microscope. Some are even in the process of cell division.

Diseases from space

It sounds like a corny movie, but the possibility of diseases from space may have merit. In Sussex, England in 1992 the Mad Cow disease spread like wildfire. Cattle were slaughtered by the thousands. The interesting detail is this disease was not borne from bacteria or virus, but rogue proteins called prions. Very sudden, very severe, and the same could be true for terrible plagues throughout history.

Ebola in Zaire, 1976, a sudden outbreak causes massive internal bleeding and death. Oddly similar to a Roman Empire breakout in 250AD. Both quickly appeared, and quickly disappeared. Was ebola dormant for 17 centuries, or was it distributed via comet?

Then there is the Black Death. Many reported seeing something strange in the sky, a black shield. Along with strange figures in wheat fields and black dust from the object, the connection between aliens and disease appears more conceivable.

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There’s no shock the Ancient Aliens crew believes aliens are involved in with the spread of viruses and bacteria, but to what end? Are they culling the human race when appropriate? Are they shaping us to be more alien-like? Or are the intentions more ominous? The answer may be on the next Ancient Aliens, Friday night on History.