Typewriter on Netflix: What happens in the Season 1 finale?

Typewriter on Netflix, photo via Media Center
Typewriter on Netflix, photo via Media Center /

Confused by the Typewriter Season 1 finale? Let’s break down what happens in the final moments! Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Typewriter is a hidden gem on Netflix released earlier this summer that subscribers are just now watching. If you have yet to check out the horror series, know that you are missing out and that significant spoilers are ahead! Watch first before reading.

Typewriter made headlines earlier this month after fans claimed to not be able to sleep after watching. Needless to say, I found those claims intriguing so I jumped on Netflix to binge-watch the first season over the weekend. Did it keep me up at night? No, unfortunately not. But this doesn’t mean it’s not frightening or thought-provoking. Not to mention, the cast is fun and the premise is original (at least from what I’ve seen).

I can best describe Typewriter as Stranger Things meets The Haunting of Hill House, but with a much, much lower budget. I can’t stress this enough, the budget is tiny here. Don’t go in watching Typewriter thinking you’re in for a masterpiece and mind-blowing special effects or you’ll be severely disappointed. In fact, if you’ve seen the finale, you may agree the budget for one of the final scenes was probably $20.

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With the recent success Typewriter is seeing (go tell your friends to watch it!), let’s hope the budget for Sujoy Ghosh’s Indian horror series increases. In the meantime, let’s break down that crazy finale, “The Night of the Blood Moon”!

Audiences learn the typewriter needs blood to use for strength. Fakeer’s soul came to life in the typewriter after Jenny hurts herself while using it as a child. Jenny’s blood spills on it, waking Fakeer. This is what gave life to her “ghost” aka evil doppelgänger

Knowing the typewriter must be destroyed, the kids and Ravi throw it off a cliff inside a burning vehicle (cue $20 scene). Amit jumps after if (if your friends jump off a cliff, would you? In Amit’s case, he  would).

Typewriter on Netflix, photo via Media Center /

What happens next moves pretty fast, let’s try to keep up…

We learn Amit somehow survived the fall, but he is slowly dying. Using what is left of his strength, he crawls over to the typewriter and offers his soul, he is Fakeer’s son. The typewriter aka Fakeer doesn’t think about it twice! It kills Amit and we watch as the typewriter becomes all glossy and new again. But this isn’t the most shocking part.

Typewriter leaves us with a few questions, mainly — is Jenny the original or the evil doppelgänger? Initially, we believed she was Jenny, but then we see her vanish into thin air and we’re not sure what to believe. She seems frightened when Fakeer’s wooden statue animates, so I really think Jenny is the real deal here.

Jenny’s husband also presents a new mystery. Did he kill his former mistress while on the trip? That’s what the bloody shirt seems to indicate. A better question is, who will be Fakeer’s next host?

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Typewriter stars Palomi Ghosh, Purab Kohli, Sameer Kochhar and others. Season 1 consists of 5 episodes, all streaming now on Netflix.

What are your theories? Are you hoping a second season answers our questions? We’ll keep you posted on renewal news as soon as we learn about it!