Two Sentence Horror Stories: CW’s new horror series premieres with an emotionally disturbing episode

Two Sentence Horror Stories kicked off with an emotionally disturbing episode that gives promise to more great stories to come.

A new series has premiered on the CW that will add chills and mystery to your Thursday nights. Two Sentence Horror Stories made its grand entrance on the network tonight with two back-to-back episodes, “Gentleman” and “Squirm.” Thanks to the CW, we caught both episodes earlier this week and were immediately intrigued by the premise of “Gentleman.” But before we dive into the series premiere, please note there are massive spoilers ahead if you missed the them!

“Gentleman” follows a serial killer who is obsessed with single moms. Initially, I wondered why the CW would include that the episode follows a serial killer. I found the reveal fun and it would have been a great surprise. However, everything makes sense soon enough and you realize the CW didn’t make an error here. There’s a reason why the episode description spoils this tidbit.

In “Gentleman,” Ken (Jim Parrack) meets a young mother, Hana (Nicole Kang), but she comes with her own little secret that audiences weren’t expecting.

Final spoiler warning! Watch the episode first before reading ahead. 

After Hana goes on a date with Ken, he appears sweet and caring, but all that vanishes when we see him with another woman. Is he married? Nope! He’s just on another date with another young mother.

Ken’s charm immediately vanishes when he tells his date she is a bad mother for no longer breastfeeding. According to Ken, the “mother expert” (insert eyeroll here), mother’s are supposed to breastfeed for at least a year.

Off-camera, he strangles the “bad mom” and then makes a phone call to report “an abandoned baby.” I’m not sure how it makes sense to Ken that a baby will be better off in the foster care system or with another relative than with their mother own…but he’s a psycho.

Meanwhile, Hana can’t stop thinking about Ken. She loves how much Ken cares about kids and his desire to be a father someday. What new, single mom wouldn’t love a guy like that? Still, from the very beginning, Hana herself gives off creepy vibes. What’s she hiding?

Viewers soon learn why the CW included in the synopsis that Ken is a serial killer who stalks young mothers. It was never intended to be the big twist. Instead, the shocking part about this episode is the secret Hana is hiding.

She’s sketchy for sure, and there are signs we likely missed while watching since our focus was mainly on Ken. Here are some of the red flags we failed to question:

  • We never see Iris’ face (Hana’s baby).
  • A co-worker asks Hana to bring the baby to the office so they can all meet her.
  • Hana shares with Ken that she has suffered multiple miscarriages.
Two Sentence Horror Stories

Two Sentence Horror Stories — “Gentleman” — Image Number: TSH101a_0339r.jpg — Pictured: Nicole Kang as Hana — Photo: Stage 13/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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When Ken breaks into Hana’s home with the intention to kill her, Hana fights back. She gets knocked out for a minute, but wakes up just in time to stab Ken with a pair of scissors. Before Hana attacks, though, Ken holds Iris and his jaw drops (he also drops the “baby”) when he realizes Iris is not real. Iris is a doll Hana created.

Ken is still alive and has an immediate change of heart. “I’m sorry,” he says, and promises not to tell anybody. It’s too late for him, though. Hana quickly steps on the scissors still on Ken’s back and kills him.

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It’s a shocking and emotional reveal. Hana is grieving as she was unable to have a baby of her own and yearns to be a mother. She’s all alone and clearly in need of help. In the end, it appears Hana is thinking about also creating a dad figure to complete her family.

Two Sentence Horror Stories airs Thursday nights 9/8 p.m. central only on the CW. 

The anthology series of contemporary tales is off to a great start and offers audiences short and quick horror treats. What did you think of the series premiere?