13 Reasons Why: Top takeaways from the Season 3 trailer


The trailer for 13 Reasons Why Season 3 is out. While the overall storyline is clear by the end, there are some snippets to pay attention to along the way.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 will be on Netflix at the end of the month. The trailer has been out for a week, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve spent days watching the trailer a few times to look for the details.

We know that the third season is going to have one overall story: who killed Bryce Walker? Honestly, I get the feeling that we’re not really going to care who did it, because we don’t really care about Bryce’s murderer being caught. It’s a little like vigilante justice, right? Well, while that may be the case, two wrongs don’t make a right and all that.

While the overall season is focused on the murder, I’m sure there are other storylines to focus on over the course of the season. The 13 Reasons Why trailer gave us a hint of what to look out for.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is below. Now let’s get into it.

It looks like Hannah’s story is definitely over

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We know that Katherine Langford isn’t returning to the series. It also looks like Kate Walsh has also left. Walsh’s Olivia seemed to accept that she wasn’t going to get the answers or action she wanted. In the end, she realized it was healthier for her to grief her daughter and not seek out more retribution.

Of course, many wondered whether that was going to be the case. It certainly looks to be. Hannah and Olivia aren’t seen once in the trailer. In fact, there’s a new voice over, someone new telling the overall story. It really looks like Hannah’s story has come to an end.

Clay and Tony seem to be helping Tyler

The first group of teens we come across in the 13 Reasons Why trailer is Clay, Tony, and Tyler. The second season left us with Clay and Tony helping to get Tyler away from the school, after successfully talking him out of shooting everyone at the dance. Now it looks like the two are taking Tyler under his wing.

I’m sure there will be some PTSD from everything that happened at the end of the last season for Tyler. However, this season is going to take place eight months after the events. What have the three been up to in that time? And why do they look so shifty around Tony’s car?

13 Reasons Why photo David Moir/Netflixvia Media Center
13 Reasons Why photo David Moir/Netflixvia Media Center /

Chloe doesn’t have a baby bump

If the season is meant to pick up eight months later, Chloe should have a baby bump in the promo when she’s on the bench with Zach. It looks like the two are getting close, but there’s certainly no bump there.

Does this mean Chloe decides to abort the baby? Possibly not. This could be some sort of flashback scene, showing Chloe and Zach getting closer. Do they start some sort of relationship before Bryce’s death, giving one of them motive to kill him?

Of course, it could all be innocent. The two may just have found someone they can each turn and talk to.

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Jessica is protesting

There’s a clip of Jessica and a group of students walking towards Monty and other jocks. They’re arguing about something, and it’s likely the fact that the jocks have raped numerous girls and nothing is being done about it.

One of the students with Jessica is holding a sign that says “hands off our bodies.” Are we going to get some protesting at the school? It certainly looks like Jessica is choosing not to be a victim. She’s fighting as a survivor and going to help others. Those Polaroids that worked as evidence have been burned, and this may be all she feels she can do right now.

13 Reasons Why photo David Moir/Netflixvia Media Center
13 Reasons Why photo David Moir/Netflixvia Media Center /

There are a few notable students missing

When you get to the moment of the group standing around the coffin, something will stick out. That group is actually quite small. There are certainly some notable mentions.

Marcus, Sheri, Ryan, and Courtney are among the most notable mentions of students missing. Does this mean that the four won’t have any part in this season? The four didn’t really have a major connection to the other main characters, except maybe Sheri to help Justin. They certainly weren’t really connected too much to Bryce’s storyline last season.

Nina is also missing. She was the one to burn the Polaroids in the end. Is she going to remain part of the show or have we seen the last of her—just one of those storylines we’ll never get a resolution to because that’s the way life works sometimes.

Instead, we seem to have a new student, possibly the one doing the voiceover.

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What do you take away from the 13 Reasons Why trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

13 Reasons Why Season 2 debuts on Netflix on Aug. 23.