Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark movie: Who had the scariest story?

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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark movie, Image courtesy of CBS Films via EPK.TV photo credit George Kraychek

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is now playing in theaters and features some terrifying creatures! Which story from the movie did you find the most frightening?

Whether you love or hate Scary Stories to Tell in the Darkthe movie based on the books of the same name, you have to give it credit for creating a story and including some of the most haunting short tales from the books. Afterall, the book only features short stories, it was up to the movie to tie it all together with a narrative that works.

That said, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark did a decent job! The movie follows Stella (Zoe Colletti), Auggie (Gabriel Rush), Chuck (Austin Zajur) and Ramon (Michael Garza), a group of friends who walk inside a haunted house with an interesting tale: the former residents were alleged child murderers.

Stella, a fan of horror and aspiring writer, takes a book from the house. It’s not long before the friends realize stories are being added into the book in real-time, each one targeting one of them and leading to their deaths. This is a pretty brilliant and unique way to bring the stories of the popular books to life, as well as the creatures.

Spoiler alert! Significant and massive spoilers are ahead if you have not yet seen the movie. Be sure to watch Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark in theaters first before reading what’s ahead!

Let’s rank the character’s stories from least to most haunting:

6. “The Haunted House”

For being a main character, Stella doesn’t have the most haunting story. In fact, not only does she survive, but it doesn’t even feature any frightening creatures. In her story, Stella takes the shape of the little girl who haunts the house, but we can’t see her until we get a quick glimpse in the end.

It’s not until Stella confronts the dead girl that things get creepy, but not enough to be one of the most scary stories in the movie.

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