Two Sentence Horror Stories tackles ICE in Season 1, Episode 4

Two Sentence Horror Stories has been tackling real life issues by placing them into their haunting tales. Season 1, Episode 4 takes on ICE.

At first glance, CW’s latest series Two Sentence Horror Stories is your typical horror series. Each episode features a different story, following a chilling story that begins with one sentence. All episodes are also just under 30 minutes. But after watching the first few, it’s obvious the series is a lot more than a horror show.

Looking back, Episode 1 focused on mental illness as we watched a woman believe a doll she created was her child after suffering multiple miscarriages. Episode 2 highlighted harassment in the workplace, and the two latest episodes put domestic violence and immigration laws (respectively) front and center.

Spoiler alert! If you missed “Hide,” please note there are spoilers ahead.

In “Hide,” we see a hispanic woman, Araceli (Greta Quispe), care for Gracie (Zaria Degenhardt) and her grandfather, a disabled elderly man, while Gracie’s parents are out. Before leaving, they warn Araceli about a few break-ins that have been happening around the neighborhood. Sure enough, two strangers find their way inside, leaving it all up to Araceli to keep Gracie and her grandfather safe.

It’s frightening to watch an intruder break in, especially when one woman is alone with dependents. In the fight to save Gracie, Araceli is injured, but she does manage to defeat both intruders. It is, unfortunately, too late for Gracie’s grandpa, but Gracie is Araceli’s first priority.

As terrifying as this all is for Araceli, the tragedy doesn’t happen until after the event. Araceli is back at home, healing from her injuries and being called a hero on television. Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door. Araceli approaches cautiously, clearly still traumatized from her last experience.

Two Sentence Horror Stories

Two Sentence Horror Stories — “Hide” — Image Number: TSH104a_0326r.jpg — Pictured: Greta Quispe as Araceli –Photo: Stage 13/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Araceli quickly realizes the real horror has arrived as ICE is now at her front door. This reveals to audiences that Araceli is undocumented and the police must have learned of Araceli’s status while investigating the crime and interrogating her. When Two Sentence Horror Stories displays the second sentence of the story “the monsters were already inside,” it’s evident the series is underlining another very real threat.

It’s ironic and cruel how the hero of the story is being punished so severely for her valiant actions against two Americans who went out on a killing spree for the fun of it. This forces audience to think about our current immigration system, without the show being pushy about it.

Two Sentence Horror Stories airs Thursday nights only on the CW. How are you loving the series so far? Do you have a favorite episode?