How would Namor be introduced into the MCU?

Namor is rumored to make an appearance in the MCU later down the road. Could it be via Doctor Strange 2 or the Black Panther sequel?

Namor is quite a diverse, hybrid of a character not to be confused with DC’s Aquaman. This makes him all the more intriguing. Geeks World Wide exclusively reported that a casting call may be giving hint to Namor’s debut in the MCU. Typically movies use code names to keep things hush-hush. I guess it’s better than Pig Latin, but the code name, in particular, is that of “David”.

You may have seen other studios do this in the past. The Ghostbusters 3 sequel had its “Rust City” working title. Another example would be “Red Cup,” which was analogous to Ron Howard’s Han Solo movie. The latter, for example, is rather a mnemonic device for the red “solo” cup that used for beverages at parties.

The rumors of this “David”

The Internet has its comic book enthusiasts online and with that kind of knowledge, one could ascertain this could be the deep sea, ancient Atlantean. MCU Cosmic commentator and comic book enthusiast Jeremy Conrad has some know-how in the field of these published works and gave his take on who this “David” could be. Part of the pieces he put together from the news regarding this veiled character was “for an unnamed Marvel production with a to be determined 2020 shoot date”.

Jeremy goes on to say that the vague announcement denotes “David’s” description as a “leader of a distant and ancient kingdom”. For those who have their noses buried deep in the lore of Marvel Comics, especially for those who lived long enough, growing up with the stories, it could probably be determined that this character description seems to match that of Namor.

Now, how he’ll be introduced is yet to be seen. GWW is thinking he may pop up somewhere around the Doctor Strange or Black Panther sequels.  Namor’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2 was speculated because some time ago when director Scott Derrickson tweeted a photo of Strange WITH Namor.

Could Namor comic run influence movie?

Namor, in my opinion, is a rather influential character in the Marvel Comics. Buzz on the Internet mentions how certain comic runs, even recent ones, could be speculated to be an influence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Earlier this year, there was speculation of Namor having his own flick and that the recent Marvel Comics Presents No. 1 comic brings back Namor in a post-World War II era story.

Of course, there seem to be theories whenever the paper publication reboots a team of superhero(es), publishes a significant story arc, or bequeaths the world with an introduction of some new storyline. Recently, IGN talked about how the House of X arc could reboot the X-Men into the MCU.

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How do you think Namor will be introduced to Marvel fans? How do you think he’ll compare to DC’s Aquaman? Share your thoughts below.

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