Big Brother: The best Zingbot zings of all-time

Zingbot is an annual tradition in the Big Brother house. Zingbot was first introduced during Big Brother 12 and has appeared on every edition of Big Brother since. With Zingbot’s return this past Wednesday, we thought we’d take you on a journey through memory lane and go through some of Zingbot’s best zingers.

A new episode of Big Brother airs tonight. Zingbot will return to the Big Brother house to roast the houseguests. Zingbot first appeared on Big Brother 12. Ever since then, he has been a staple of the show appearing every summer to roast the houseguests. In 2015, Zingbot got his own twitter account and started zinging everybody.

With Zingbot returning to the Big Brother house, we thought we go through memory lane and take you down some of Zingbot’s best zingers. Let me know how I did in the comments below or on twitter @insidebbhouse.

No. 5 Mark Jansen (Big Brother 19)


“Mark… I think you might be bye-sexual… because everytime you tried to get sexual with Elena [Davies] she said…. bye.”

Ouch. This rings very true because their relationship was a very awkward one on Big Brother 19. Mark had a crush on Elena from pretty much the beginning. However, Elena just never seemed to reciprocate Mark’s affection for her. Eventually they did become a true showmance and date outside of the house. However, they since broke up and appeared on Ex on the Beach together.

No. 4 Victoria Rafaeli (Big Brother 16)


“Victoria… I would zing you, but I’m only supposed to zing people that are actually playing the game.”

Okay, so this zing was actually done by comedian Kathy Griffin. However, on Big Brother 16, Zingbot was messed up until after the Power of Veto Competition and was only giving out props. Thus, Kathy came in and gave the zings that Zingbot would have given had he been himself. Therefore, it counts and makes the list at number 4.

This zing is just brutal honesty. Victoria did absolutely nothing during the game. It was for that reason that Derrick Levasseur carried her to the final three. Unfortunately for Victoria, she failed to grasp the meaning of her zing and didn’t use it as an opportunity to change up her game. Perhaps if she had, she could’ve made it to the final two.

No. 3 Zach Rance (Big Brother 16)


“What do you call someone whose not afraid to cry, wears pink, and cuddles with men? You call them Zach.”

This is another Kathy Griffin zing but holy crap this one was amazing. When you hear the question, you immediately think of Frankie Grande. Everyone thought this was going to be Frankie’s zing, including Frankie because Frankie was pointing at himself. Then, this does a huge swerve and it ends up being Zach’s zing.

On top of that, once Kathy zings him, he gets this giant look of despair on his face because he just wasn’t prepared to be zinged. Seeing this, Kathy walks up to him and says “zing f**ker.” This causes Zach and his fellow housemates to go into a huge fit of hysteria. Absolutely brilliant.

No. 2 Danielle Murphree (Big Brother 14)


“Danielle, I hear Shane [Meaney] is going to give you a special gift after the season is over…. a restraining order.”

HOLY FREAKING CRAP. This one is easily the most brutal zing of all time. That is a big reason this zinger is at number 2.

Danielle and Shane’s showmance was another pretty awkward showmance. It seemed like Danielle was kind of stalking Shane at first and that’s what Zingbot’s zing was about. However, they eventually fell and love and became a showance. The pair even dated outside of the house for a little while.

No. 1 Christmas Abbott (Big Brother 19)


“Christmas….. you have such a good heart. I can guarantee you will find no coal in your stocking this holiday season. However, you will find… ten shattered bones… nine weeks in a cast… eight surgeries… seven more x-rays, six years of rehab… five titanium screws… four hospitals… three pain pills… and a guilty rodeo clown.”

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. This is easily the best zing Zingbot has ever unleashed. Unlike the rest of my list, this is 1000% not up for debate. This multi-layered zing is just absolutely amazing and I don’t see anything ever topping this one. If I had been there for this zing, I absolutely would have been on the floor dying of laughter.

The first layer to this is that Zingbot makes fun of Christmas’ injury.  The second is that he makes fun of Jason Dent since he was the one responsible for Christmas’ injury. Finally, because her name is Christmas, the zing comes in the form of a Christmas carol. The Christmas carol is the cherry on top of this zing and a big reason why this one will never be topped. How many other houseguests are going to get zinged with a Christmas carol? Probably nobody.