A Discovery of Witches: New casting and first look at season 2

A Discovery of Witches -- Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/SundanceNow/Shudder/Bad Wolf -- Acquired via Feren Comm PR
A Discovery of Witches -- Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/SundanceNow/Shudder/Bad Wolf -- Acquired via Feren Comm PR /

The wait for season 2 of A Discovery of Witches has been long, but now we finally have casting news and a first look at season 2.

It’s time to go back to the world of A Discovery of Witches! We have some news for season 2! Not only has a first look been released but a whole slew of casting news as well.

A Discovery of Witches follows the forbidden romance of reluctant witch Diana Bishop and the vampire Matthew Clairmont. When we last saw the duo they were planning to escape back into time, though it left off at a cliffhanger with the audience perhaps wondering if their time trip was successful (unless you’ve read the books, in which case you already knew).

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Most fans already know, or have guessed at, what will happen. But if you don’t know and don’t want to know, I suggest you stop reading now and avoid the first look image.

The first look image below shows us our first glimpse of what season 2 will look like. It confirms that Matthew and Diana’s attempt to time walk and hide in the past was successful and we get to see them in Elizabethan London in all their glory.

I personally love period pieces, and having a modern witch along with an old vampire in a period setting just sounds like a great night of television. Who else is excited?!


As exciting as the first look image is, there’s more. The show took to twitter to announce a whole list of new casting which fans will be very excited for.

Among the new cast we have James Purefoy as Matthew’s father Phillipe de Clermont, Steven Cree as Matthew’s nephew Gallowglass, Paul Rhys as Andrew Hubbard, Michael Lindall as Sir Walter Raleigh, and many more. In fact there’s been so many new cast announcements it’s best to just list them for you.

We have:

  • James Purefoy as Phillipe de Clermont
  • Steven Cree as Gallowglass
  • Sheila Hancock as Goody Alsop
  • Paul Rhys as Andrew Hubbard
  • Jacob Ifan as Benjamin Fuchs
  • Michael Lindall as Sir Walter Raleigh
  • Adrian Rawlins as William Cecil
  • Elaine Cassidy as Louise de Clermont
  • Victoria Yeates as Water Witch
  • Barbara Marten as Queen Elizabeth
  • Amy McAllister as Earth Witch
  • Lois Chimimba as Catherine Streeter
  • Holly Aird as Francoise
  • Adam Sklar as Henry Percy
  • Milo Twomey as Pierre
  • Joshua Pickering as Jack Blackfriars

You can read the press release here and you can check the official A Discovery of Witches twitter and SkyOne twitter for all the casting news.

This is all in addition to the previous announcement that Victoria star Tom Hughes would be joining the series as Christopher “Kit” Marlowe. Quite a cast they’ve assembled!

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Are you excited for season 2? What do you think of the new casting announcements? Let us know!

A Discovery of Witches is currently filming season 2 which is expected to air some time in 2020 and has already been renewed for season 3.