The 5 silliest things about Lifetime’s The Wrong Cheerleader

In the third movie from the Cheer, Rally, Kill line-up, The Wrong Cheerleader, Becky makes the cheerleading team and somehow attracts a stalker.

Lifetime delivers another movie in its deadly cheerleader roster with The Wrong Cheerleader. Degrassi star, Cristine Prosperi, stars as Becky and Vivica A. Fox returns for another Wrong film as Coach Flynn.

Becky lands a spot on the cheerleading team with the help of her perky friend, Jen (Kalen Bull). Not only does Jen help her get on Coach Flynn’s team, but she also sets her up with the hot new guy in school, Rob (David Meza).

Unfortunately for poor Becky, Rob quickly shows his true colors as an obsessive stalker (shocker!). Find out why Rob realizes he’s been messing with “the wrong cheerleader.”

3. Becky has terrible friends.

Jen and her boyfriend Chris (Shayne Davis) are the first to realize something is amiss about Rob. They both question “how much anyone knows about him” after he lashes out in a jealous rage on two separate occasions.

The problem is, THEY’RE THE ONES WHO SET HIM UP WITH BECKY! You’d think before initiating a blind date you would do some research on the guy you’re introducing to your best friend’s life.

Later in the movie, when Rob full-on slaps Becky in front of everyone, Jen doesn’t do anything! No one does! They all stand there looking shell-shocked, and they let Rob chase after Becky all alone. In this case, Becky should have ditched the guy and the friends.

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2. There is a shortage of Vivica A. Fox.

Despite being the biggest-billed star in the cast, we don’t get to see much of Coach Flynn. She does get to deliver the first (for some reason they say it twice) “you messed with the wrong cheerleader,” line at the end, but beyond that, she doesn’t have many purposes in the plot. It would have been nice to see her participate more in the final takedown, at the very least.

1. This movie has some outdated social stances.

In two different scenes, Rob violently attacks guys for doing something rude to Becky. The first time it happens, a teenager is trying to look up her skirt. The second time it happens, one of his teammates starts making lewd comments about Becky.

Should Rob have attacked them? No, but the reaction from Becky’s friends is to act like those comments were typical and not sexual harassment.

I’d be pissed if my friend told me a guy looking under my skirt was “no big deal.” It’s 2019, people. This proves my point Becky needs better friends.

Jen also comments that Becky is “too smart to be abused.” I’m honestly surprised that line made it to air. I mean, yikes. Anyone can be a victim of abuse, and that mentality is offensive for all sorts of reasons.

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Cheer, Rally, Kill continues next Saturday with The Cheerleader Escort premiering at 8:00 p.m. on Lifetime

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