9 Characters from American Horror Story: 1984 you’ll want to know

The characters featured in the American Horror Story: 1984 Sweepstakes teases 9 people whose personalities tell us more about the season.

The 80s horror movies that American Horror Story: 1984 has chosen as a theme aren’t only known for their gruesome murders. The characters in those type of horror films play a fundamental role in the narrative even if they are cliché. More than anything, the characters in any good horror film of that time made a point and taught the audience a lesson.

Nancy Thompson from Nightmare on Elm Street and Laurie Strode of Halloween are arguably two sides of the same coin. They are the same though their backgrounds differ, and the serial psycho in their lives are different. They represent the strong female protagonist that is going to fight back the unstoppable killer to their last breath. And while this trope may seem overused, it actually balances out the slasher’s seemingly invincible streak.

American Horror Story: 1984 seems to have jam-packed the latest season with characters like Strode and Thompson that have been overused, and yet are classics in the horror genre. But they’ve kept the best secrets wrapped tight from fans. While there were many teaser videos and posters revealed, the cast is still a mystery.

But a recent Sweepstakes (that ended Sept. 10th) allowed fans to guess the slasher survivor based on several character personalities and introduced nine essential players in the show. And these profiles may be the most telling portion of AHS’ promotion yet.

Based on these character types, we can guess the kind of people we are about to see take on a killer in Camp Redwood. The already established cliches of the horror genre can help us fill in the blanks as to who the characters may be and of course, how likely they are to die.

Watch a preview of these characters here:

9 Characters you will meet in American Horror Story: 1984:

The Jock

The Jock is one of the most recognized tropes of horror films. He’s usually an attractive and popular jerk and can be best described as the human form of misogyny. Because the Jock walks around like he’s unstoppable, he’s one of the many to feel the wrath of the killer.

The Dream Girl

The Dream Girl is like a unicorn in horror movies in the way she is elusive. She’s the overly perfect female that the unpopular boys wish they could date and the girls wish they could be. Often, the Dream Girl is just going about her day while someone is watching as her every move seems to happen in slow motion. Things never look good for the Dream Girl because the killer usually offs her without remorse or care for her beauty.

The Nerd

The Nerd is always an outcast that finds it hard to make friends. Unfortunately, the Nerd’s inability to make friends becomes their downfall. Any character in a horror flick that is left alone is for sure going to end up a victim at the hands of the serial killer at large.

The Nice Guy

The Nice guy is the one that everyone watching would date, but the popular girl on-screen (usually the Dream Girl) doesn’t think he’s cool enough for the privilege. He usually connects with the girl he likes and is dumbfounded that his status prevents him from going forward with the girl. Unfortunately, all that thinking about what could have been could end with the killer interrupting his thoughts.

The Sure Thing

There’s always one guy that thinks he’s secured a girl he’s going to score with. The Sure Thing is that girl. The downside is that if they get to hookup, the killer will surely be in attendance. While the Sure Thing is usually killed during a hookup, the jerk that thought he would take advantage of a hookup opportunity is almost always killed as well.

The Stoner

The resident pothead never wants to take part in any of the camp activities. His itinerary revolves around smoking weed and mellowing out. Sadly, The Stoner’s lack of awareness and fast reflexes always puts him on the chopping the block when the killer arrives.


Horror movies are so serious that comedy relief is a must. The Prankster ‘s job is to lighten the mood with his jokes and annoying pranks. The Prankster is usually a nuisance that is so consumed with goofing off he will not even realize when he’s about to die at the hands of the killer.

Nice Girl

The Nice Girl like her male counterpart is easy-going yet undesirable for no apparent reason at all. She’s usually a third wheel that has no male attention in her life and is just looking to have a good time with friends. The Nice Girl meets her end typically by the killer due to a lack of care from her friends.

Platonic BFF

The Platonic BFF is usually best friends with a girl that he would be suited to date if this was another time and place. He ends up being a close friend to the girl dating the jock or some other form of the super popular kid.

What’s most interesting about this character is that he’s always in the thick of the action. He’s eternally running and hiding from the killer until the very end. As the AHS Sweepstakes uncovered in their sweepstakes on Sept. 10, this is the character that is most likely to survive and witnesses his friends die.

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American Horror Story: 1984 premieres on Sept. 18, 2019, at 10 P.M E.T. on FX