3 bold predictions for Disenchantment Part 2

DISENCHANTMENT -- Image credit: Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
DISENCHANTMENT -- Image credit: Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

Disenchantment returns with 10 new episodes to round out the Netflix series’ first season. Based on what we last saw, here are three predictions for what comes next.

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From the genius mind of Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama, comes Disenchantment, a truly fantastic and fantastical Netflix original adult animated series. Following the catastrophic events that occurred in the Part 1 finale, the show could go in many directions from here on out. Here are three ways I think the show could change over the course of Part 2.

1. Bean grows up

While I’m not talking literally here, I predict Bean will become more mature and responsible in Part 2. We saw a glimpse of Beans’ capacity to make calculated, selfless decisions in Episode 3, “The Princess of Darkness,” where she put her life on the line to save Luci, and a number of other demons, from being thrown into a volcano by Big Jo. In Episode 7, “Love’s Tender Rage,” Bean showed compassion for Tess, the giantess, who was being persecuted purely for being different.

We last saw Bean board a ship full of strange people with her recently re-animated mother, Queen Dagmar, who was going on and on about some kind of destiny that had to be fulfilled. Will Bean be able to put her wild partying days behind her and rise to the occasion or will she crumble under the pressure of the, currently unbeknownst to us, prophecy? Only time will tell.

DISENCHANTMENT — Image credit: Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

2. Elfo is resurrected

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In the post-credits scene of Episode 10, “Dreamland Falls,” Elfo’s corpse washes up on an unknown shore before being dragged off further inland by two mysterious individuals. Because Bean chose to use the elixir of life pendant to cure her mother of her stone paralysis instead of healing Elfo’s fatal arrow wound, the audience was left wondering if this was the end of the line for our favorite half-elf, half-something.

There’s no way Disenchantment would let this character go just like that, and based on the Part 2 official trailer, he isn’t gone just yet. There, we see Elfo is still dead and living it up in heaven. Luci ensures Bean he could bring him back if only Elfo could find his way to hell. The question of the matter is, will Luci’s plan work, and if so, where and who has possession of Elfo’s body?

3. King Zøg gets his kingdom back in order

After learning that Queen Dagmar intended to turn him to stone years ago, King Zøg (KZ) was shocked to discover his wife wasn’t the woman he thought she was. Furthermore, KZ looked on with horror as every citizen in his kingdom was turned to stone from a trap the Queen had set. We last saw KZ standing in Dreamland’s highest tower wondering what in the world he was going to do next.

KZ showed he has a big heart when he told Bean he was proud of her in Episode 5, “Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!” In addition, he showed he could be emotionally motivated when there was a chance he could cure his wife of her poison with the elixir of life in Episode 9, “To Thine Own Self Be True.”

These two character aspects could come together to quickly get the situation he found himself in under control. We see in the Part 2 trailer that the citizens of the kingdom return back to their normal self, but just how does it happen?

Will Princess Bean accept her fate or turn her back on her mother’s plan? Will Elfo be able to meet Luci in Hell for the chance to be reunited with his love in Dreamland? All the answers to these questions and many more will be revealed when Part 2 of Netflix’s Disenchantment drops on Friday, Sept. 20.

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Disenchantment Part 2 debuts on Netflix on Sept. 20.