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DISENCHANTMENT -- Image credit: Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
DISENCHANTMENT -- Image credit: Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

The return of Disenchantment Season 2 sets Matt Groening’s medieval creations on a quest to save their kingdom that will take them to hell and back.

Matt Groening’s brainchild Disenchantment is back with a second season that will follow Bean on a new quest to save her kingdom. True to form, the series has proven to have all of Groening’s signature ingredients such as irony, humor, and memorable characters. But what makes Disenchantment a different beast from Groening’s The Simpsons and Futurama, is that the main character is an atypical princess that refuses to stick to societal norms.

In the latest installment of Disenchantment, Bean wakes up to her kingdom turned to stone. But Bean can’t save the kingdom alone; she must get her trusty companion Elfo back from the afterlife. Bean would try to go directly to heaven to break Elfo out but seeing as her other companion Luci is a demon from hell, getting through the pearly gates isn’t exactly a good idea.

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Since Luci can get into hell as a lifetime member, Elfo must meet the two on the other side to get back to Dreamworld. The task at hand is a daunting one as Bean and Luci must maneuver their way in and out of an inferno, and apparently, outsmart the devil. But the mischief doesn’t stop there.

Once they have Elfo back on solid ground in the kingdom of Dreamland, they have to save the townspeople and go against Bean’s mother, who is finally showing her true colors.

Bean saved her mother last season, but her mother is more like Maleficent, then the honorable queen she imagined. Her mother’s true nature may leave Bean with an ultimatum, join the dark side and be with her mom or stick to her guns and be a hero. Considering that Bean has yearned for her mother’s presence for a long time, the decision may be harder than you would think.

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Disenchantment is now available for streaming on Netflix.