What to watch on Netflix this weekend: Criminal, Disenchantment and more

DISENCHANTMENT -- Image credit: Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
DISENCHANTMENT -- Image credit: Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

The weekend has arrived! What will you be watching on Netflix? Here are our top suggestions!

The fall TV season is just around the corner, but you don’t have to wait for it to watch something great on Netflix. The streaming services has plenty of brilliant content at the moment, and more new shows to watch premiered Sept. 20.

This upcoming fall 2019 season, Netflix is saving the best for last! Soon to come towards the final days of fall are The Crown, Selena: The Series, Raising Dion, and many more. But, while we wait, there are several shows and movies to keep us entertained. Need a few suggestions? We have a one for everyone!

Here are 5 shows to watch on Netflix this weekend, from an animated series to an intense drama. 

Between Two Ferns: Zach Galifianakis premieres his special Between Two Ferns: The Movie. You have likely already seen and laughed along to Galifianakis’ hilarious interviews before. These debuted as segments on Funny or Die and many are still available for you to watch on YouTubeBetween Two FernsThe Movie is an extension of the comedy series and will feature new guests.

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The Last Kids on Earth: This animated series is your answer to watching a cartoon with your kid that won’t bore you half to dead or annoy you. In fact, it’s pretty cool.

The Last Kids on Earth premiered earlier this week and follows Jack Sullivan (voiced by Nick Wolfhard), a young teen and his friends taking shelter at a treehouse during a monster apocalypse.

Criminal: If Netflix can only be popular for one thing, it has to be its intense crime dramas. The latest from the streaming service is Criminal, which takes place in an interrogation room with a suspect and group of officers and detectives. The good guys are determined to get a confession or useful intel, even if they need to break the rules to get it. Criminal is now streaming on Netflix.

Disenchantment Part Two: The hard-drinking princess Bean didn’t make the best impression when the first season of her series premiered. But the show must go on! Not to mention, the animated fantasy series was already renewed, anyway. If you watched, it likely wasn’t what you were expecting it to be, but that cliffhanger of a finale makes up for it. Part Two goes live Sept. 20.

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Unbelievable: This crime drama premiered earlier this summer, but it’s not one you want to miss out on. In fact, you likely saw it trending on Twitter. Unbelievable is tough to watch, but necessary. The series follows Marie, an 18-year-old woman in Lynnwood Washington who is raped and her journey to justice.

Which show or movie are you watching this weekend? Did we miss a great series worthy of a binge? Let us know!