5 must-watch movies for your next girls night with your BFFs

Lili Reinhart, Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, and Constance Wu star in HUSTLERS
Lili Reinhart, Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, and Constance Wu star in HUSTLERS /
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2. Someone Great

As this list gets toward the end, the better it becomes, at least in my opinion. Going with another gem from Netflix, it’s 2019’s Someone Great. If there’s one film on this list that any of your BFFs haven’t watched, then you need to queue this up for your next girls night. It might not be the best one if you’re going through a breakup but is arguably the epitome of what every girls night should be about.

If you haven’t watched, Someone Great is a two-part story but not in the traditional sense. It follows Jenny as she’s dealing with the aftermath of her 9-year-relationship ending while also having constant flashbacks to what made it good and how it ultimately ended. It’s an incredibly emotional story and throughout the span of the film, you come to love the couple. That doesn’t mean the film doesn’t have a happy ending, though. No spoilers, but the ending is happy in more ways than one.

As important as the relationship is to the story, what’s arguably more important is the friendship between Jenny, Erin and Blair. During the film, we watch Erin and Blair be there for Jenny when she needs them but also get a glimpse into the messiness of their lives. While Jenny is the main player, Erin and Blair both have baggage unpacked during the film, too.

It’s truly everything you could want in a girls night film including an incredible dance scene to “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo. What more could you really ask for? If you need more though, Taylor Swift shared that the film inspired a song from her new album, “Death By A Thousand Cuts” so that’s more than enough motivation to watch it or rewatch it!