Team Kaylie on Netflix: Eliza Pryor discusses comedy series in recent interview

Image: Team Kaylie - Season 1.. Image Courtesy Netflix
Image: Team Kaylie - Season 1.. Image Courtesy Netflix /

To coincide with the premiere of Netflix’s Team Kaylie, we sat down with actress Eliza Pryor to discuss her part in the new comedy.

For anyone unfamiliar with Netflix’s Team Kaylie series, it stars Bryana Salaz as Kaylie Konrad, a self-obsessed celebrity who has to pay her debt to society by serving community service at an inner-city middle school. There, Kaylie is tasked with leading the Wilderness Club. She doesn’t respond well to the youths at first, but they eventually grow and learn from each other.

Hidden Remote had the opportunity to speak with one of the youths played by Eliza Pryor in a recent interview. During our conversation with the young actress, Pryor told us about how she wound up in a different role than the one she expected to be in. She initially auditioned for the part of Jackie on Team Kaylie but later read for Valeria, landing a different series regular role in Season 1.

In addition to talking about the new Netflix series, Pryor also elaborated on her singing career, as well. She got her start in singing but is now balancing work between the two mediums. Pryor also hinted at an upcoming music project!

Hidden Remote: Eliza, looking at your acting credits, your part as Valeria on Team Kaylie is the first where you’re a series regular. Were you expecting such a huge part during your initial audition?

Eliza Pryor: I knew I was auditioning for a big part, but the funny thing is that I originally auditioned for the role of Jackie. It wasn’t until later in the process that I was asked to read for Valeria. Let’s just say, Valeria is the complete opposite of Jackie!

HR: Did you know in advance that you were auditioning for a character that would be in most of Season 1?

Pryor: I knew she would be in a lot of Season 1. She was in more episodes than I thought, which was awesome. What I didn’t know was what the writers were going to have Valeria do from week to week. I loved getting the new script each week.

HR: As far as your character goes, what can you tell us about Valeria that won’t spoil the show for viewers? 

Pryor: You have to keep your eye on Valeria because you never know what she is going to do. She is an aspiring witch and is someone you want on your team. She’s wily and strangely lovable.

HR: Eliza, now that you’re working on an ongoing Netflix series, do you have plans to take on similar roles in the future?

Pryor: I really want a career in this industry so, yes, you could say I have big dreams. I love acting and taking on all different types of roles, in both comedy and drama. I continue to study and train so I can grow as an actress and a singer. Right now, my focus is Team Kaylie, but I hope to work on more projects in the years to come.

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HR: Do you have any prospects you’re eyeing at the moment?

Pryor: I’m really focused on the launch of Team Kaylie and I am working on a music project that will be announced later this year. I’m just playing it by ear and waiting to see what will happen in the future!

HR: If you could choose any current TV or Netflix show to be cast on, what would be your fantasy role?

Pryor: Besides Team Kaylie, I would have to say Stranger Things. The writing, the production, and of course, the acting is fantastic.

HR: Slightly unrelated to Team Kaylie. I noticed that you also voiced and provided mo-cap work for Sherry Birkin in the Resident Evil 2 video game. Do you intend to reprise your role if the game developers request that you record lines for another installment?

Pryor: That was such a cool project and I learned so much about motion capture. Everyone I worked with was so nice and amazingly talented. Hands down, Resident Evil fans are amazing and loyal. They have been so supportive of me, which is really cool.

HR: Eliza, here’s our last question. Outside of acting, you also have a background in singing, are you pursuing that career path at the moment?

Pryor: I really love to sing and that was my introduction to this industry. I am trying to do both and I continue to train for both which sometimes means working weekends or late nights.

There was even one time where I flew out of LA on a Friday night after filming Team Kaylie, filmed two music videos in Texas, and flew back on Sunday night at 11 p.m. to make my 7 a.m. Monday call time! I love it and want to do it all!

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Netflix’s Team Kaylie is now streaming.