Cake on FXX is the most relatable series on TV

CAKE -- (Premieres Wednesday, September 25, 10:30 PM ET/PT on FXX) -- "Quarter Life Poetry" -- Pictured: Samantha Jayne. CR: FXX
CAKE -- (Premieres Wednesday, September 25, 10:30 PM ET/PT on FXX) -- "Quarter Life Poetry" -- Pictured: Samantha Jayne. CR: FXX /

FXX is making your Wednesday TV nights a little sweeter with Cake, the most relatable series you’ll find on TV.

Cake is a new weekly show from FXX that features live-action and animated comedy in a series of sketches. I was lucky to catch an advanced screener of the first episode and guys, I feel personally attacked by the first segment in “Cache Flow.” The clip I’m talking about is a music video that was released ahead of the series debut, titled “Quarter Life Poetry: Damn I Love This Friday Night.” You can check it out, below, but I’m warning you all, it’s hilariously relatable.

After the music video, Cake treats viewers to several other “bite-size” shorts, some longer than others with the main clip being “Oh Jerome, No.” This one is not as personal as “Damn I Love This Friday Night” is, but it’s enjoyable nonetheless and teaches a lesson on sensitivity. Not to mention, it guest stars Natasha Lyonne, and who doesn’t love watching her? She adds magic in anything and everything she touches.

As FXX describes its series, Cake is an assortment of quick clips “curated and served up as a tasty treat for the mind,” and they’re not wrong. You’ll be thinking about these segments long after shutting the TV down. Each one reaches into our insecurities about various life situations and flaws, but in a thought-provoking way where we come out stronger.

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Another thing to love about the refreshing new series is the throwback animation in the animated sketches. And as usual, FXX continues to champion diversity with its cast. Cake is a must-have watch that needs to be added to your fall TV list.

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If you missed the premiere of Cake, be sure to stream it on FXX and watch it next Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. ET only on FXX.