Frank Whaley romantic comedies you probably forgot about

Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez star in HUSTLERS
Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez star in HUSTLERS /
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The Jimmy Show (2002)

Based on the Off-Broadway play Veins and Thumbtacks by Jonathan Marc Sherman, this Whaley rom-com was actually directed by Whaley himself and stars everyone’s favorite Spy Kids mom, Carla Gugino, and romantic drama superstar Ethan Hawke as a warehouse worker pothead.

Whaley stars in his own film as Jimmy O’Brien, who works as a warehouse clerk by day with his friend Ray (Hawke) and by night pursues his dream of being a stand-up comedian. The problem is, Jimmy isn’t exactly Mr. Hilarious, plus he has performance anxiety. But while his wife Annie (Gugino) knows her husband’s comedic goals might be far-fetched, Jimmy is still determined to make his dream come true, even at the expense of his relationships.

At first glance, The Jimmy Show might seem like it’s about a man’s journey through mid-life crisis. But it’s really a love story, as Jimmy’s relationship with Annie is put through the ringer due to Jimmy’s tunneled vision ambition. When Annie turns out to be pregnant, Jimmy is forced to make the tough choice between choosing a life with Annie or his desire to live life in the spotlight.

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